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The Deadly Breaking Sword

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Director  Chung Sun
Writer  Kuang Ni
Music director  Joseph Koo, Frankie Chan
Country  Hong Kong
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Comedy
Production  Shaw Brothers Studio
Language  Mandarin
The Deadly Breaking Sword movie poster
Release date  12 April 1979 (1979-04-12)
Cast  Ti Lung (Tuan Changqing, Deadly Breaking Sword), Alexander Fu Sheng (Xiao Dao, the Little Dagger), Shih Szu (Liu Yinxu), Ku Feng (Dr Guo Tiansheng/Killer Doctor), Michael Chan Wai-Man (Lian San, Throat Piercing Halberd), Lily Li Li-Li (Luo Jinhua)
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The deadly breaking sword 1979 official trailer by shaw brothers

A martial artist (Ti Lung) and a cunning thief must stop an evil mastermind.


The Deadly Breaking Sword movie scenes

The Deadly Breaking Sword is a 1979 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Sun Chung and starring Ti Lung and Alexander Fu Sheng.

The Deadly Breaking Sword movie scenes

Leaving behind an inch of sword in the spent corpses of his opponents, Tuan Changqing (Lung Ti) is known as the Deadly Breaking Sword. After barely surviving a duel, one of his foes is treated by the diabolical Dr. Kuo, who uses his powers of mind control to transform the man into a somnambulistic killer. After Tuan Changqing teams up with Rabelaisian gambler Xiao Dao (Sheng Fu), the story proceeds as a comical kung fu buddy flick.


The Deadly Breaking Sword movie scenes

Warrior Tuan Changqing (Ti Lung) meets courtesan Liu Yinxi (Shih Szu) in a small town. Liu pleads Tuan to kill underworld master Guo Tiansheng (Ku Feng), known as the "Killer Doctor", in oder to avenge the death of her fiance. Tuan and casino security guard Xiao Dao (Alexander Fu Sheng) breaks into Guos household and trigeering the battle of good against evil.


  • Ti Lung as Tuan Changqing, the Deadly Breaking Sword
  • Alexander Fu Sheng as Xiao Dao
  • Shih Szu as Liu Yinxu
  • Ku Feng as Dr. Guo Tiansheng, the Killer Doctor
  • Michael Chan as Lian San, the Throat Piercing Halberd
  • Lily Li as Luo Jinhua
  • Shum Lo as Boss Luo
  • Chan Shen as Officer Fan Fei
  • Ngai Fei as Chen Yinggang
  • Teresa Ha as Madam Li Xing
  • Kara Hui as Xiaoqin
  • Keung Hon as Dr. Guos hanger-on
  • Eddy Ko as Dr. Guos hanger-on
  • Ng Hong-sang as Dr. Guos hanger-on
  • Yuen Wah as Dr. Guos hanger-on
  • Chow Kin-ping as Dr. Guos hanger-on
  • Austin Wai as Sword Spirits Duo (red)
  • Yuen Bun as Sword Spirits Duo (gold)
  • Cheung Kwok-wa as Diao Qi
  • Lam Fai-wong aas Troublemaker at the casino
  • Jamie Luk as Troublemaker at the casino
  • Wong Ching-ho as Conman
  • Ting Tung as Prison Guard
  • Tang Wai-ho as Prison guard
  • Cheung Hei as Innkeeper
  • Man Man as Inn waiter
  • Wong Kung-miu as Inn waiter
  • Fong Yue as Prostitute
  • Sai Gwa-pau as Brothel worker
  • Kam Tin-chue as Brothel guest
  • Tony Lee as Gambler
  • Tam Wai-man as Casino bouncer
  • Lam Chi-tai as Prison guard
  • Robert Mak as Prison guard
  • Wong Chi-ming as Prison guard
  • Hung Ling-ling as Prostitute
  • Lui Hung as Prostitute
  • Alan Chan
  • Theme song

  • True Colors of a Beautiful Hero (????) (Cantonese) / Beauty Renowned to the World (???????) (Mandarin)
  • Composer: Joseph Koo
  • Lyricist: Sun Yi
  • Singer: Jenny Tseng
  • Critical

    The Deadly Breaking Sword movie scenes

    Ian Jane of DVD Talk gave the film a positive review and writes "The film might seem a little dated considering that it came out in the mid-eighties, past the genres prime by a bit of a margin, but it stands as a good example of how fun and exciting a well made Shaw Brothers swordplay could be when delivered by a dedicated director and a talented cast."

    Box office

    The film grossed HK$2,716,494 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 12 to 26 April 1979 in Hong Kong.


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