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The DL Chronicles

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Gay Drama

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Here TV

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United States

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The DL Chronicles The DL Chronicles 39Bigger Better Sexier39 Controversial African

Created by
Quincy LeNearDeondray Gossett

Directed by
Quincy LeNearDeondray Gossett

GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Movie or Limited Series

Noah's Arc, Dante's Cove, The Lair, The LA Complex, Zane's Sex Chronicles

The dl chronicles episode wes part 1

The DL Chronicles is a gay-themed television series that debuted on here! in 2007 for one season that consisted of four episodes. It was revived in 2012 as "The DL Chronicles Returns".


The dl chronicles and the chadwick journals gay web series youtube teaser


The DL Chronicles httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesMM

The show's debut season focused on the stories of men who live secret lives. From a highly successful executive to the street corner hustler, from the happily married father of two, to the college athlete's first love, each episode, featuring a different cast, delved into the different lives and experiences of men living on the "down low".

Each episode features narration from Chadwick Williams (Damian Toofek Raven), an aspiring journalist, as he pursues research while authoring a book about men who have sex with men (MSM). The series was created by filmmakers Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett who also serve as the producers and directors of the series.

The DL Chronicles The DL Chronicles Episode Thomas 55 Second Preview YouTube

The series has won numerous awards, including the GLAAD Media Award for Best Anthology Series in 2008. It has the added distinction of being both the first African American themed show and the first show produced by a cable network to win the award.

Episode 1: Wes

The DL Chronicles WATCH The DL Chronicles RETURNS Episode Thomas Cypher Avenue

Wes Thomas (Darren Schnase), an upwardly mobile real-estate banker, soon finds himself overwhelmed by the demands of his marriage, career, and closeted attraction to men. When Wes' sexy but ambivalent brother-in-law Trent Porter (Ty Vincent) stops in for an unexpected stay, he is faced with temptation and ultimately falls for the forbidden fruit.

  • Damian T. Raven as Chadwick Williams
  • Darren Dupree Washington as Wes Thomas (credited as Darren Schnase)
  • Jessica Beshir as Sarah Thomas
  • Ty Vincent as Trent Porter
  • Maya Gilbert as Patricia Buford
  • R.J. Black as Charles Buford II
  • Holly Karrol Clark as Tanya Dubois
  • Phil Selvey as Rodney Dubois
  • Episode 2: Robert

    A closeted talent agent (Terrell Tilford) falls for a much younger health food store manager named Austin (Kareem Ferguson). They fall in love at first sight and realize that it is their unprecedented relationship they ever had. What Robert fails to share is that he has a daughter Rhonda Hall (Toyin Moses) that doesn't know her father's real identity. Because of this, Austin pretends to be Robert's client in order to proceed with the relationship. But the truth is finally discovered by his daughter. Robert misblames Austin with terrible words which badly hurts Austin and their relationship ends. But, at last, Robert obtains his daughter's understanding, and realizes his huge mistake in ending his relationship with Austin. With honest and touching words, he finally wins Austin back.

  • Damian T. Raven as Chadwick Williams
  • Terrell Tilford as Robert Hall
  • Kareem Ferguson as Austin
  • Toyin Moses as Rhonda Hall
  • Sheilynn Wactor as Shirley
  • Jason Stuart as Sassy Customer
  • Karamo Brown as Agent #1
  • Paul Jerome as Agent #2 (credited as Paul Eric Jerome)
  • Episode 3: Boo

    Boo (Oneil Cespedes) is an ex-convict, a mooch, and a player who lives his life on the DL. His girlfriend Kesha (Latoya Haynes) is fed up with Boo's cheating and kicks him to the curb. Boo's mother (Irene Amen) tells him it's time to settle down, but Boo is unfazed and continues having sex with multiple partners, including an unprotected romp with Deron (Anthony Clark), his neighborhood friend. But when shocking news rattles Boo, he is forced to reconsider his reckless life on the DL.

  • Damian T. Raven as Chadwick Williams
  • Oneil Cespedes as Boo
  • Latoya Haynes as Keisha
  • Anthony Clark as Deron
  • Irene Amen as Mama
  • Sheilynn Wactor as Shirley
  • Clifton Morris as Tony
  • T. Ashanti Mozelle as Jesse
  • Brandon McKinnie as Kyle
  • Cherie Price as Nikka
  • Shawn Palm as Naked Man
  • Sydelle Noel as Other Woman (credited as Sydelle Granger)
  • Episode 4: Mark

    Mark (Ulrich Que) and Donte (Colbert Alembert), a loving couple who have been living on the DL, are jolted by the unexpected arrival of Mark’s thuggish cousin, Terrell (Ace Gibson), who shows up at their house needing a place to crash. Desperate to keep their relationship a secret, Mark asks his boyfriend to pretend he's straight. When Dante reluctantly agrees to play the part of Mark's "roommate" for their new houseguest, a chain of humorous events unfolds, and Mark eventually comes to realize the ridiculous nature of living on the DL in their own home.

  • Damian T. Raven as Chadwick Williams
  • Ulrich Que as Mark Watts
  • Colbert Alembert as Donte
  • Ace Gibson as Terrell Wiggins (credited as Dee Gibson)
  • Monte Franks as Reginald Stokes
  • Craig Davidson as Bartender
  • Tamiko K. Brooks as Nosey Neighbor
  • Chuanda Mason as Pretty woman in bar
  • T. Ashanti Mozelle as Jesse
  • Episode 5: Thomas

    Thomas, a former New York City firefighter, falls in love with a stranger who unexpectedly comes into his life to assist him after facing a tragic event.

  • Damian T. Raven as Chadwick Williams
  • Gabriel Corbin as Thomas Gavin
  • Colbert Alembert as Dante
  • Johanny Paulino as Steven Nevins
  • DeLaRosa Rivera as Columbus
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