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The Closest Thing to Crazy

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Released  1 December 2003
Genre  Acoustic, blues
Label  Dramatico
Format  CD
Length  4:11
Writer(s)  Mike Batt

"The Closest Thing to Crazy" is the debut single of Georgia-born singer Katie Melua. It is featured on her hugely successful album, Call Off the Search. The song appeared first in 1995 on Mike Batt's album Arabesque.


The single was originally due out in January 2004, but was released a month early in an attempt by Terry Wogan to make it that year’s Christmas number one in the UK. The single reached only number ten in the UK charts. However, owing to the success of the album reaching number one, the song climbed back into the top 20 during the January and February period, and resulted in obtaining Katie's first nomination for the annual The Record of the Year prize on ITV1. She was to be nominated again at the ceremony the following year for Nine Million Bicycles, but lost out to Busted and Westlife respectively. She did however finish in the top 5 of voting for both years.

Track listings

  1. "Closest Thing to Crazy" (Mike Batt)
  2. "Downstairs to the Sun" (Katie Melua)
  3. "Thank You, Stars" (Mike Batt)

The enhanced CD had the video of "The Closest Thing to Crazy".


  • Katie Melua - guitar, vocals
  • Mike Batt - organ, piano, conductor
  • Jim Cregan - guitar
  • Tim Harries - bass
  • Irish Film Orchestra - orchestra
  • Michael Kruk - drums
  • Alan Smale - leader
  • Chris Spedding - guitar
  • Henry Spinetti – drums
  • Production

  • Producer: Mike Batt
  • Engineer: Steve Sale
  • Arranger: Mike Batt
  • Music Details

    The song is played in the key of E Major at a tempo of 64bpm. The vocal range is G#3-C#5. It has an irregular meter with a mix of 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4.


    The lyrics of the song take the form of a series of rhetorical questions, describing the contradictory emotions of being in love. It appears that the object of the singer's love treats the singer unkindly, and may not return the emotion.


    The Closest Thing to Crazy Wikipedia

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