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The Butchers (2014 film)

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5.5/10 Letterboxd

Edited by  David McClellan
Running time  1h 20m
3.4/10 IMDb

Directed by  Steven Judd
Director  Steven Judd
Cinematography  Clint Childers
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Produced by  David Dittlinger Stephen Durham
Written by  David McClellan Stephen Durham
Starring  Gary Kasper Jacob Hobbs Christy Keller Milly Sanders Semi Anthony Braxton Davis Damien Puckler Cameron Bowen
Production company  2nd Nature Films WeerNProduction StoryTyme Productions Potty Mouth Production
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Death factory aka the butchers usa 2014 official movie trailer

The Butchers (also known as Death Factory and The Factory) is a 2014 horror film directed by Steven Judd, and written by David Dittlinger and Stephen Durham.



While on a bus with his brother, Brian, and a dozen others, Simon has a nightmare about when he fatally clubbed his abusive father, who had killed his and Brian's mother. In a nearby ghost town, the landowner meets JB, a lawyer who wants to buy the property, primarily for its museum ("The Death Factory") dedicated to serial killers Albert Fish, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and the Zodiac. When the landowner refuses to sell the museum along with the rest of his property, JB stabs him, then prepares an occult ritual with a Book of the Dead, and blood samples taken from the displays in the Death Factory.

Elsewhere, the bus Simon is on breaks down, so he and the other passengers go in search of aid while the driver remains with the vehicle, which he disappears with after the group leaves. The passengers reach the ghost town, and while the others debate what to do, Star and Ren wander off, and uncover JB's belongings. For fun, the duo read from the Book of the Dead, unintentionally resurrecting Fish, Gacy, Dahmer, Gein, the Zodiac, and the Ripper (who is revealed to be a lesbian).

While JB fights and flees from Fish, Star is killed by Gein, and Ren is slain by the Zodiac. Simon is then attacked by Fish, whose neck he breaks, causing Fish to disintegrate into a dust that enters Simon's body. The other murderers (who begin succumbing to infighting) continue to run amok, with Gacy stabbing Bill, the Ripper dismembering Nicole, JB gutting Candi, and Gein knifing Dahmer, and in turn being bludgeoned by JB.

Simon stabs Gacy and the Ripper, and absorbs their "power" like he did Fish's, Gein did Dahmer's, and JB did Gein's. Simon, Brian, and the remaining passengers are then confronted by JB, who impales Simon, though his friends resurrect him with the Book of the Dead, giving Simon the chance to snap JB's neck. Simon is then overpowered by the Zodiac, who the others set on fire, and hit with the landowner's car, which they and Simon drive off in.

The bus driver (who is implied to be Satan) reappears, and revives JB, noting, "You think you can steal from me, and there won't be Hell to pay? Or should I say, repay? C'mon, son, you've got work to do."


  • Semi Anthony as JB
  • Damien Puckler as Simon
  • Randall Bosley as The Collector
  • Cameron Bowen as Brian
  • Braxton Davis as Bill
  • Mara Hall as Auntie May
  • Jacob Hobbs as Kip
  • Tonya Kay as Star
  • Christy Keller as Jan
  • Charito Mertz as Candi
  • Milly Sanders as Daisy
  • Jeremy Thorsen as Ren
  • Ire Wardlaw as Nicole
  • Rick Williamson as Albert Fish
  • Hawk Walts as John Wayne Gacy
  • Mary LeGault as Ripper
  • Marion Kopf as Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Gary Kasper as Ed Gein
  • John C. Epperson as The Zodiac
  • Reception

    Rob Getz of Horror News gave The Butchers a faintly positive review, writing, "No one will accuse Death Factory of greatness, but it would lose its charm if it were" and "Relying far more on curiosity factor than upon consistency or execution, it succeeds almost in spite of itself". UK Horror Scene's Dave Wain gave the film a 0/10, and condemned it as "an abhorrent sleazy little movie that will only serve to repel and disgust anyone that's unfortunate to come across it".


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