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The Boys Next Door (1985 film)

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Initial DVD release
August 6, 2002



Crime, Drama, Thriller


United States

The Boys Next Door (1985 film) movie poster

James Wong

Release date
October 1985 (1985-10)

Drama, Thriller, Crime Fiction, Indie film

(Bo Richards), (Angie),
Christopher McDonald
(Detective Mark Woods), (Roy Alston),
Moon Unit Zappa
(Nancy), (Detective Ed Hanley)

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The anger. The destructiveness. The urge to kill in cold blood. They weren't born with it...

The boys next door 1985 trailer

The Boys Next Door is a 1985 American adventure-crime drama film about two teenage boys who leave their small town home on the day of their high school graduation and embark on a crime and murder spree. Alternate titles include: Big Shots, No Apparent Motive (Australia/New Zealand video title), Blind Rage (USA) (working title (video title)), Death Takes a Holiday (USA) (working title).


The Boys Next Door (1985 film) movie scenes

The boys next door theatrical trailer charlie sheen maxwell caulfield 1985


The Boys Next Door (1985 film) wwwgstaticcomtvthumbdvdboxart9067p9067dv8

Roy Alston (Maxwell Caulfield) and Bo Richards (Charlie Sheen) are two outcasts of their high school community. Bo receives $200 as a graduation gift from his grandparents. Facing a lifetime of working blue collar factory jobs, the boys spontaneously decide to use the money to go on a vacation to Los Angeles.

The Boys Next Door (1985 film) The Boys Next Door 1985

During the drive to Los Angeles, Bo and Roy rob a gas station and beat the attendant with a crowbar. The next day, the boys go to a beach boardwalk, where Roy throws an empty beer bottle and it hits an elderly woman on the forehead. Three young women see this, and they chase Bo and Roy to a parking lot. The women yell at the boys and damage their car. Enraged, Roy starts the car and drives around in circles in the parking lot with the women still on the hood. After several loops, Roy throws the car into reverse, throwing one of the women from the hood of the car. After the incident, one of the women finds Bo and Roy's dog, Boner the Barbarian, and reads its ID tag, which leads to speculation of where Bo and Roy are from.

The Boys Next Door (1985 film) The Boys Next Door 1985

During a visit to La Brea Tar Pits, Bo expresses his wish that the world could just "go caveman" for one day, abandoning all rules and order. Roy agrees, and they spend their evening on the streets of Los Angeles.

The Boys Next Door (1985 film) Cool Ass Cinema The Boys Next Door 1985 review

Several additional encounters lead to more deaths, including a gay man Chris, a young couple, and an older woman Angie Baker (Patti D'Arbanville) whom Roy kills while she is having sex with Bo. Eventually the duo are tracked and found by the LAPD and chased into a shopping mall. After unsuccessfully trying to steal some guns, Bo tries to talk some sense into Roy about surrendering. Roy refuses, and he orders Bo to give him the gun so he can go out in a "blaze of glory". Bo refuses and shoots Roy when he tries to take the gun away. The police surround Bo and ask him why he killed his friend. Bo replies, "Because I had to." Bo is then arrested and led away while reporters snap photos of him.


The Boys Next Door (1985 film) BEYOND FRIGHT CULT PICK THE BOYS NEXT DOOR Icons of Fright

  • Charlie Sheen as Bo Richards
  • Maxwell Caulfield as Roy Alston
  • Patti D'Arbanville as Angie Baker
  • Christopher McDonald as Detective Mark Woods
  • Hank Garrett as Detective Ed Hanley
  • Grant Heslov as Joe Gonzales
  • Moon Unit Zappa as Nancy
  • Dawn Schneider as Bonnie Roberts
  • Kurt Christian as Shakir
  • MPAA cuts

    The Boys Next Door (1985 film) The Boys Next Door 1985

    According to director Penelope Spheeris' DVD commentary, The Boys Next Door had to be cut and submitted to the MPAA ten times to get an R rating. Scenes that were cut or changed include:

    The Boys Next Door (1985 film) Charlie Sheen in a scene from The Boys Next Door in 1985 Charlie

  • The scene where a gas attendant is beaten was shortened to lessen the intensity and sound effects were toned down.
  • A scene depicting the murder of Chris was cut down (mostly sound effects were heavily toned down).
  • A scene in which Roy shakes and kills a woman was heavily cut down, with various shots removed to lessen the intensity.
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