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The Biggest Loser Australia (season 11)

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Country of origin  Australia
Original network  Network Ten
No. of episodes  10
Starring  Fiona Falkiner (Host) Shannan Ponton Libby Babet
Original release  14 March 2017 (2017-03-14)

The eleventh season of the Australian version of the original NBC reality television series The Biggest Loser, known as The Biggest Loser Australia: Transformed, premiered on 14 March 2017.


The season has been met with unexpectedly low ratings, due to this the season will no longer air on Sundays nights, and only through Monday-Thursday, however due to ratings falling even lower, from April 3, the series will be pulled from Prime time slot and moved to Daytime television slot at 1:00 pm.

Game variations

  • Teams: Due to only having two trainers this season, the teams will be split only in to two teams of eight
  • Mind Sessions: Each week, the contestants will have "Mind Sessions" with weight management psychologist Glenn Mackintosh where they will discuss their mental and physical wellbeing, including analysing the body image baggage they are carrying around and how it can add up on the scales
  • Voting: For the first time, viewers will get to vote during the Live Grand Final
  • Winners: There will be two winners, one based purely on weight loss, while the other will be decided by the viewers who will choose the contestant who has transformed their life the most
  • Contestants

    There is slated to be two teams of eight, totaling up to 16 contestants.

    The Power

    Each week, a bracelet is given to a challenge winning contestant or team. Each time the bracelet is given it holds a different power

    Week 1: Immunity - Given to the orange team in the first challenge, all team members had to decide who would receive it on their team and was given to Nikki

    Week 2: Exclusion of Opposite Team Member - Given to Simmo for being the biggest loser of week 1, he has the power to exclude an opposite team member from either the team challenge or Weigh In, he chose for Josh to sit out of the weigh in meaning his weight wouldn't count towards the Orange Team's total

    Week 3: Two Votes - Given to Josh for being the biggest loser of week 2, the power is if the Orange Team loses and faces elimination in the team challenge, Josh will have two votes. Orange Team was sent to elimimation and his vote, for Luke, was counted as two votes


         Below the Yellow Line      The week's biggest loser      Had immunity for the week      Below the Yellow Line & Eliminated      Eliminated before Weigh In due to Elimination Challenge

    Combined Weightloss & Percentage

  • In week 2, The Blue Team received a 2kg advtange in a challenge
  • Description

    Week 1: Jenny - Vote (5-1) - Due to losing the elimination challenge, the blue team was sent to elimination and had to vote for a contestant to leave, Jenny was voted for 5 times with herself voting for amy, this was enough votes for Jenny to be eliminated, Brett and Lyntons vote were not revealed.

    Week 1: Sarah - Elimination Arena - Different from previous seasons, the bottom 3 contestants were sent to the elimination arena where the lowest scoring of the 3 was eliminated. Amy, Matt & Sarah were bottom 3 in Weigh In, they had to face off in 2 rounds, first they had to ride Eliptical bike up to 3kms in the fastest time, Matt was the fastest and was safe. In the second round, Amy & Sarah had to ride the same eliptical bike but had to keep above 50RPM, first to drop below was eliminated, meaning Sarah was the first under 50RPM and was eliminated.

    Week 2: Anna - Vote (3-1-1-1) - Due to losing the elimination challenge, the blue team was sent to elimination and had to vote for a contestant to leave, Anna was voted for 3 times with herself voting for Brett, she was the only one to receive more than 1 vote meaning she was eliminated, with the other 2 votes each individually going to Amy & Matt

    Week 2: Steph - Elimination Arena - Simon, Sophia & Steph were bottom 3 in Weigh In, they had to face off in 2 rounds, first round each had to stand in the centre of six FitLite trainers, they light up in a certain sequence, each contestant had to race over and hit each one to make the next light up over 50 times, Simon was the first one to get through the 50 light sequence and was made safe from elimination. Second round was in 2 stages, fiirst stage was a balance beam, with more of the FitLites placed to the side of it. Stop along the way, deactivate the lights with your feet. If you fall off the beam you go back to the start, the second stage was to climb a knotted rope and deactivate another light at the top. Both Sophia & Steph passed the balance beam but neither could climb the rope so it went into sudden death. Sudden Death involved both of the girls placing their feet on the lowest knot of the rope and hang on with first one to fall off being eliminated, Steph was first to fall and was eliminated.

    Week 3: Sophia - Votes (3-2-1-1-1) - Due to losing the elimination challenge, the orange team was sent to elimination and had to vote for a contestant to leave, Sophia was voted for 3 times with herself voting for Josh, she received the most votes meaning she was eliminated, Josh's vote counted for two times as he had The Power meaning his vote, for Luke, was counted as 2 votes, the other two votes each indiviually went to Nikki & Simon


         Elimination due to Elimination Arena      Elimination due to Elimination Challenge

    Week 1

    Episode 1: Kayak Race - Each team had to start at the pier of Q Station, then race down to the beach to retrieve 8 paddles for their Kayak (one per team member) with 4 buried in the sand and 4 tied to a buoy in the water, after this the teams had to split into 4 sets of two (except one as they were sick) then had to race 3.5kms across Sydney Heads from North to South, the first team that had all 4 kayaks cross the finish line first won the challenge and received The Power as reward.

    Episode 2: Healthy Cooking - Each team had to choose 2 team members from their team to cook a healthy version of fried chicken, chips and coleslaw, Orange Team chose Lisa & Nikki and Blue Team chose Anna & Matt, they had 60 minutes to do so, they had an open pantry to use. The meals were judged by chef Tobie Puttock, who announced Anna & Matt as the winners meaning the Blue Team won and received advantage for the next challenge, which was revealed in the next challenge as a 10kg advantage.

    Episode 3: Elimination Challenge - Each team member had to each choose an amount of weight to each lift on their shoulders to hold for 30 minutes, the team with the most combined amount left after the 30 minutes won the challenge, the Orange Team was the team left with the most amount of weight meaning they won keeping them safe from the challenge elimination.

    Week 2

    Episode 5: Healthy Wagon Wheel - Each team had to make a replica of Sarah Wilson's sugar-free gut loving wheelies, a homage to Wagon Wheel, in a relay challenge, each team member had 15 minutes each to make a part, totalling 1hr & 45 minutes. Sarah was the judge and announced the Orange Team and received exclusive use of the house gym for a week as reward.

    Episode 6: Elimination Challenge - Three members of each team were tethered to a chain, they had to duck and weave under each other to untangle the chains and release a pole. Once the pole is released a stack of weights can be shifted, one at a time, to the pontoon on the water. All the weights must be on the pontoon before you can move on. Once all the weight is aboard six team members will wade out to lift and carry the pontoon back to shore. The Orange Team was the first team to finish, making them safe from the elimination.

    Episode 7: Relay Challenge - The challenge will be over four rounds, each round competitors will be eliminated until the deciding round. The first round is box jumps! Matt of the blue team comes last and is eliminated. Next round, a minute’s worth of shoulder dropping. Pick up a medicine ball onto their shoulder and drop it back down. Jake and Luke of the orange team are the least and are eliminated. Next round is Planks, first three to drop out of the position won’t go to round four. Amy, Lynton and Simmo are first to drop out and are eliminated leaving Brett to fight it out against Steph, Sophia and Simon in the final round. The final round is squats, the last person standing is the winner, which was Brett makin blue team the winners.

    Week 3

    Episode 9: $25 meal challenge - The challenge involved 2 members from each team preparing a healthy meal that can feed a family of five for $25. Lisa-faye & Jake (Orange Team) volunteer and Amy & Brett (Blue Team) volunteer and cooked Chicken with Roasted Vegetables and a Salad. Hayden Quinn (of MasterChef Australia) is the judge of the meals and reveals that the Blue Team's meal was the best of the two declaring them the winners, winning an advantage in the next challenge.

    Episode 10: Obstacle Course - The challenge involved picking a member of the team to saw through a log. Then pairs will carry two smaller logs through a number of other obstacles. A mud pit, over a dirt mound, over a series of hurdles, across a river and then through a tire course. Once you’ve cleared the final obstacle you have to put your log upright at the end of the course. When both logs are in position one person runs a bag through the course again, the bag has their team banner inside and they have to display it at the end on the logs. Last to do so will face elimination. As the Orange Team had 2 more members than the Blue Team, The Blue Team had the advantage to keep out one of the Orange's members, they chose Simon, the other was by default as Josh had an injury and had to sit out. The Blue Team were the victors in the challenge and were safe from elimination.


    Colour key:
         – Highest rating during the series      – Lowest rating during the series
  • a Ratings data is from OzTAM and represents the live and same day average viewership from the 5 largest Australian metropolitan centres (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide).
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