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The Bedroom Philosopher

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Birth name
Justin Heazlewood

The Philosopher

Guitar, accordion


Years active

Record label
Shock Records

Shock, NanAndPop

The Bedroom Philosopher The Bedroom Philosopher Songs From the 86 Tram 2010 LP

12 June 1980 (age 43) Burnie, Tasmania, Australia (

Author, Singer-songwriter, comedian, journalist, Radio DJ,

Associated acts
The Bedroom Philosopher and his Awkwardstra

Songs from the 86 Tram, Brown and Orange

Musical theatre, Folk music, Acoustic music, Psychedelic music, Pop music

Similar People
Josh Earl, The Jane Austen Argument, Angie Hart, Damian Cowell, John Safran



The Bedroom Philosopher aka Justin Heazlewood is an Australian songwriter, author, actor and humourist. Most known for his writing and musical comedy works, The Bedroom Philosopher has released several albums, performed at many arts festivals, been nominated for an ARIA Award, published several books about the entertainment industry and is a regular guest on several Australian radio shows.


The Bedroom Philosopher Songs From the 86 Tram Arts Reviews Arts

2002–2005 Living on the Edge of My Bed

The Bedroom Philosopher Justin Heazlewood Author of Funemployed Life as an

The Bedroom Philosopher began in 2002, Heazlewood submitted a three-minute radio piece for the ABC Heywire competition about his passion for folk music, which led to him becoming a regular guest on Triple J's The Morning Show. He also filmed two pilot episodes of The Bedroom Philosopher Show for ABC Fly TV, a now defunct digital youth television station. He also secured his first major musical gig, playing support for Bodyjar and The Bumblebeez at Triple J's Unearthed concert later that year.

The Bedroom Philosopher has performed in past years at the Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, National Folk Festival, Perth International Arts Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His first three Melbourne Comedy Festival Shows included Living on the Edge of My Bed (2003), In Bed with My Doona (2004), and Pyjamarama (2005). In 2006 he teamed up with Josh Earl to form The Renegades of Folk, performing a Melbourne Comedy Festival show of the same name.

The Bedroom Philosopher's first album, Living on the Edge of My Bed featured tracks which had earlier been played on The Morning Show, and was released in 2003. This un-mastered collection was only sold at live shows.

2005–2008 "I'm So Post Modern"

In 2005 the Bedroom Philosopher released his first retail and studio album, In Bed with My Doona, produced by his uncle Ken Heazlewood. This release was taken to strongly by Triple J's audience, with the first single "I'm So Post Modern" becoming a high-rotation hit, reaching number 72 in the Hottest 100. The Bedroom Philosopher was the only unsigned artist to make the list in 2005. His self-produced film clip of "I'm So Post Modern" (by Dan Ilic) also featured on the Hottest 100 DVD.

2007 saw the introduction of 'The Awkwardstra', composed of Andy Hazel on bass and Hugh Rabinovici on drums. Late 2008 saw the addition of Jamie Power on percussion and Gordon Blake on sitar. This coincided with the release of second single "Wow Wow's Song (La La La)" which quickly became a YouTube hit, and featured popular comedy trio Tripod featuring as backing vocalists. This was released as a precursor to his second album Brown and Orange.

2008–2009 Brown and Orange

After performing at Perth International Arts Festival The Bedroom Philosopher completed his second album Brown and Orange with producers Chris Scallan and Martin "Moose" Lubran, released in February 2009. The first single from this was "The Happiest Boy", released in October 2007. The video clip of "The Happiest Boy" was made by David Blumenstein at Nakedfella Productions.

The album was promoted with a national tour.

2009–2010 Songs from the 86 Tram

April 2009 saw The Bedroom Philosopher debuting his show Songs from the 86 Tram in the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He won the Director's Choice award for outstanding show and reprised it in the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Songs from this show comprise his third album Songs from the 86 Tram, recorded in August and September 2009. The show was nominated for three 2009 Green Room Awards winning for best cabaret production. The show was revised for a sold-out run at the 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Heazlewood appeared as "Re-enactment John" in the ABCTV series John Safran's Race Relations in late 2009.

Songs from the 86 Tram album was presaged by the single Northcote, released to radio in February 2010. The single peaked at number 12 in the Australian Independent Singles charts and received high rotation on Triple J. The album was released 16 April 2010.

An accompanying Australian national tour to promote the album ran from 12 August until 5 September 2010.

On 28 September 2010 the album was nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release.

Northcote (So Hungover) Film Clip

The music video for song Northcote (So Hungover) was created by director Craig Melville and produced by David Curry. The video satirises hipster culture which is currently popular in inner-city Melbourne, with humorous stereotypes and pretension thought to be present in neo-hipsterism. The Bedroom Philosopher has since recorded a version of the song composed entirely of comments made on the film clip's YouTube page.

On 23 September 2010 the clip won the Australian Director Guild award in the music video category. On 20 November 2010 it won a silver Australian Cinematographers Society music video award, Best Independent Production Award at the St Kilda Film Festival and Best Music Video Award at the 15 Minutes of Fame Festival in Florida. The filmclip was also voted in Rage's Top 50 film clips of 2010, and the song in the Triple J Hottest 100 in 2011.

2011–2012 Wit Bix

2011 saw the release of the songs 'Leaving My Hairdresser' and 'Tram Inspector', the film clip for the latter charting at 19 in Rage's Top 100 Filmclips of 2011. The Bedroom Philosopher embarked on several solo tours, including opening for The Dresden Dolls on their national tour and performed his show Wit Bix at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The A Very Beddy Christmas EP was released in November, with a modern adaptation of the Christmas carol Twelve Days of Christmas released as a radio single.

2014–2015 Funemployed

Heazlewood spent 2013 and much of 2014 working on his non-fiction book Funemployed, about the challenges faced by people in the Australian creative industries. The book was adapted into a radio series broadcast on ABC Radio National and accompanied by an album of the same name. It features spoken word pieces from interview subjects Brian Ritchie, Tim Rogers and Sam Simmons


  • "Folkstar/I'm So Post Modern" (2006) Maxi-single
  • "The Happiest Boy" (2007) iTunes single
  • "Wow Wow's Song (La La La)" (2008) iTunes single
  • "Party in My Head" (2009) Radio single
  • "Northcote (So Hungover)" (2010) iTunes single
  • "Tram Inspector" (2011) iTunes single
  • "Leaving My Hairdresser" (2011) iTunes single
  • "12 Days of Christmas" (2011) Radio single
  • "Northcote (YouTube Comments)" (2012) Radio single
  • "I Don't Know What I'm Doing with My Life" (2014) YouTube single
  • Albums

  • Living on the Edge of My Bed (2003)
  • In Bed with My Doona (2005)
  • Brown and Orange (2009)
  • Songs from the 86 Tram (2010)
  • Funemployed LP (2015)
  • EP

  • "A Very Beddy Christmas" (2011)
  • "Funemployed EP" (2014)
  • Writing

    Under his real name, Justin Heazlewood frequently writes for a number of Australian publications.

    From 2002 until 2012, Heazlewood wrote a fortnightly column for Canberra streetpress BMA called "Struth Be Told". More recently, Heazlewood has written regular contributions for national Australian magazines Frankie Magazine, JMag and The Big Issue. His works have also appeared in Australian publications Sleepers Magazine, Rattapallax, Going Down Swinging, The Sex Mook,Mess + Noise and The Death Mook.

    From 1999 to 2005, Heazlewood was a regular contributor and editorial committee member for Voiceworks.

    From 2005 to 2006, Heazlewood was a full-time writer for the Network Ten sketch comedy program The Ronnie Johns Half Hour.

    As The Bedroom Philosopher, Heazlewood published a monthly ezine LapTopping from 2005–2012.

    In 2009 Heazlewood created the sketch radio show 'Lime Champions' on Melbourne community radio Triple R. He co-hosted it with Melbourne comedians Damien Lawlor, Josh Earl and Eva Johansen. He left the show in 2010.

    In 2012 Heazlewood published his first book 'The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries.' The E-book was published by Affirm, earning praise from Tony Martin, Benjamin Law, Dave Graney and Neil Gaiman.

    Heazlewood's book 'Funemployed' about being an artist in Australia was published in May 2014.

    World records

  • Longest continuous performance of Daryl Braithwaite's "The Horses" while riding on a horse carousel on Melbourne Cup day in Canberra – (30 minutes).
  • Longest continuous performance of John Farnham's "You're The Voice" in Melbourne – (9 hours).
  • Longest demonstration of 'BoonRapping' (reading David Boon's autobiography in a hip hop style) in Hobart – (12.5 minutes).
  • Artist with the most performances at the venue 'Stage Door: The Cafe' in Burnie, Tasmania.
  • Chart statistics

  • "I'm So Post Modern" voted number 72 in Triple J Hottest 100, 2005. (lyrics)
  • "Northcote (So Hungover)" charted at number 12 on the Australian Independent Singles chart 3 March.
  • "Northcote (So Hungover)" charted at number 91 on the Triple J Hottest 100, 2010.
  • "Northcote (So Hungover)" charted at number 3 on Rage's Top 50 Videos of 2010
  • "Tram Inspector" charted at number 19 on Rage's Top 50 Videos of 2011
  • References

    The Bedroom Philosopher Wikipedia