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The Ballymena Cowboy

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Released  1970
Genre  Comedy
Label  Emerald Music
Artist  James Young
Recorded  1970
Length  33:28
Producer  Peter Lloyd
Release date  1970
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The Ballymena Cowboy is the seventh comedy album released by Northern Irish comedian and actor James Young.


The album cover features a picture taken by Stanley Matchett. The cover features a photograph of Young holding a lasso and dressed as a cowboy. Beside him a woman is dressed as an Indian and holds a tomahawk. The back cover features a picture of Young taken in 1969 on a visit to Canada along with a silhouette of a scene from the Old West . In the picture Young is seen sitting on a wagon with Sam, The Record Man.

Side 1

  1. The Ballymena Cowboy - 3:52
  2. A Hairy Tale: 2:42
  3. There's a Lounge Bar in The Town - 2:26
  4. On Derry's Walls - 3:08
  5. Stormont Pudding - 2:09
  6. Bingo Crazy - 3:01

Side 2

  1. Boom - 1:49
  2. I'm A Private Detective - 1:46
  3. The Cherryvalley Debutramp - 2:50
  4. U.L.S.T.E.R. - 2:09
  5. Sixty Years From Now - 2:14
  6. A Party Political Broadcast - 4:52


Emerald Music re-released the album in 2001. The album was made available separately or in a boxset with The Very Best of James Young.

Re-Release Order

The re-release features the same tracks as the original release but in a different order. The re-release features tracks in the following order:

  1. The Ballymena Cowboy
  2. Boom
  3. There's a Lounge Bar In The Town
  4. On Derry's Walls
  5. Stormont Pudding
  6. Bingo Crazy
  7. A Hairy Tale
  8. I'm A Private Detective
  9. The Cherryvalley Debutramp
  10. U.L.S.T.E.R.
  11. Sixty Years From Now
  12. Party Political Broadcast


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