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The Ambulance

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3.8/5 Amazon

Genre  Action, Comedy, Horror
Screenplay  Larry Cohen
Writer  Larry Cohen
Language  English
5.8/10 IMDb

Director  Larry Cohen
Music director  Jay Chattaway
Country  United States
The Ambulance movie poster
Release date  March 22, 1990
Initial release  March 22, 1990 (New York City)
Cast  Eric Roberts (Josh Baker), James Earl Jones (Lt. Spencer), Megan Gallagher (Sandra Malloy), Red Buttons (Elias Zacharai), Janine Turner (Cheryl), Eric Braeden (The Doctor)
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Tagline  You'll be in perfect health before you die.

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The Ambulance is a 1990 thriller film written and directed by Larry Cohen. It stars Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, Janine Turner, Megan Gallagher, Red Buttons, and Eric Braeden as the Doctor. Kevin Hagen plays a cop in what would be his final film role. In his first film role, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics has a small role as himself.


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The Ambulance The Ambulance Wikipedia

Aspiring comic book artist Josh Baker (Eric Roberts) meets a young woman named Cheryl (Janine Turner) on the streets of New York City, who proceeds to collapse and is rushed to a hospital by an ambulance. When Josh arrives at the hospital, he is shocked to find that there is no record of Cheryl ever being admitted and he soon learns another startling discovery, Cheryl's roommate also vanished after being picked up by the same ambulance.

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Convinced that there is some sort of conspiracy going on, Josh proceeds to investigate the disappearances, despite the overt disdain and discouragement from Lt. Spencer (James Earl Jones).

Full cast

  • Eric Roberts – Josh Baker
  • James Earl Jones – Lt. Frank Spencer
  • Megan Gallagher – Sandra Malloy
  • Red Buttons – Elias Zacharai
  • Janine Turner – Cheryl
  • Eric Braeden – The Doctor
  • Richard Bright – McClosky
  • James Dixon – Detective "Jughead" Ryan
  • Jill Gatsby – Jerilyn
  • Martin Barter – Street Gang Leader
  • Laurene Landon – Patty
  • Nick Chinlund – Hugo (as Nicholas Chinlund)
  • Matt Norklun – Ambulance Driver
  • Rudy Jones – Ambulance Driver
  • Beatrice Winde – Head Nurse
  • Matt Norklun – Ambulance Driver
  • Rudy Jones – Ambulance Driver
  • Stan Lee – Marvel Comics Editor
  • Deborah Hedwall – Nurse Feinstein
  • Susan Blommaert – Hospital Receptionist
  • Jordan Derwin – Hospital Official
  • Alexandra Jones – Waitress
  • Michael O'Hare – Hal
  • Production

    Cohen later said he was inspired by "the concept of taking something that is thought of as being benign or benevolent... or anything else that has a safe and wholesome image, and turning it into an object of terror." He had done this for It's Alive (babies) and The Stuff (junk food) and wanted to do it with ambulances. "When you hear or see an ambulance on the street, it’s usually considered to be something that is going to rescue you and take care of you, a vehicle of mercy," said Cohen. "In this story, it’s actually a vehicle of murder. The whole idea of an ambulance that suddenly arrives from nowhere, picks people up, and takes them away to some dark place where they are never seen or heard of again was completely original and creepy."

    Cohen says at one stage the financiers wanted a "classier" title than The Ambulance so he retitled it In Thin Air. They changed their mind and the film went back to being called The Ambulance.

    Cohen wanted to cast John Travolta in the lead but his producers refused.

    The role of the villain was originally played by Wesley Addy. However Cohen was unhappy with his performance and recast the role with Eric Braeden. Braden's casting came at the suggestion of Cohen's mother who was a fan of The Young and the Restless.


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