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The Adjutant of His Excellency

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Director  Yevgeni Tashkov
Country  Soviet Union
8/10 IMDb

Language  Russian
The Adjutant of His Excellency movie poster
Release date  1969

The Adjutant of His Excellency (Russian: Адъютант его превосходительства, Adyutant ego prevoskhoditelstva) is a Soviet television mini-series which was produced in 1969 and is set during the Russian civil war. The plot revolves around Captain Pavel Koltsov, an agent working for the Soviet secret police who is spying on the white Volunteer Army, posing as an adjutant to a chief commander, general Kovalevsky.



In the spring of 1919, Pavel Andreevitch Koltsov (Yuri Solomin), an agent of the Reds, is sent as the head of the Cheka by Martin Latsis into the Volunteer Army. On the road, he and several other White officers are captured by the "Greens" of Evgeniy Angel. Taking advantage of a right moment, Koltsov takes possession of arms, and the officers along with two Red Army commanders, also prisoners of Angel, with a fight break out of captivity. After hearing the story about the escape, Commander Vladimir Kovalevsky Zenonovich (modeled after General Vladimir May-Mayevsky) appoints Koltsov as his adjutant. Koltsov runs several covert operations while successfully passing all tests regarding his legendary status and does not give in to provocations of the counterintelligence. At the same time there is a romantic side plot in which Pavel Koltsov wins over the daughter of Colonel Shchukin Thani, chief of counterintelligence.

Another important plot line is the fate of Yuri Lvov, the son of the White colonel who was killed in battle. The boy is going through a series of tragic adventures on both sides of the front until Koltsov starts taking care of him. The observant Yura guesses that Koltsov is a spy for the Reds. In a frank discussion, Koltsov manages to convince Yura that he is acting with good and noble intentions.

At the end of the film Koltsov sacrifices himself to destroy the special train of the Whites with British tanks, which is driven to the front. Koltsov gets arrested and imminent death awaits him.

The titles before each series state "Dedicated to the first Chekists".


  • Yury Solomin - Pavel Andreevich Koltsov, also known as "Old Man", captain, adjutant of General Kovalevsky
  • Vladislav Strzhelchik - Lieutenant-General Vladimir Kovalevsky Zenonovich, commander of the Volunteer Army
  • Vladimir Kozel - Colonel Nicholas G. Shchukin, head of counterintelligence of the Volunteer Army (according to A. Dvigubski, real name Shuchkin )).
  • Tatiana Ivanitskaya - Tanya Shchukina, daughter of Colonel Shchukin
  • Alexander Milokostiy - Yura, son of Colonel Lvov
  • Anatoli Papanov - Evgeniy Angel, gang leader of the "Greens" (a historical figure)
  • Victor Pavlov - Miron Osadchy, a member of Angel's gang, later an intelligence agent of the Whites
  • Michael Kokshenov - Pavel, a member of Angel's gang
  • Eugene Tashkov - Martin Yanovich Latsis, the head of the All-Ukrainian Cheka (a historical figure)
  • Nikolay Timofeev - Frolov, Red security officer
  • Yevgeny Shutov - Semyon Krasilnikov, Red security officer
  • Andrei Petrov - Sirotin, Red commander
  • Yuriy Nazarov - Emelyanov, Red commander
  • Daniel Netrebin - Red Commander
  • Gennady Karnovich-Valois - Colonel Lvov
  • Oleg Golubitskiy - gendarme captain Wolin
  • Vladimir Grossman - Lieutenant / Captain Duditsky
  • Igor Starygin - Mickey, lieutenant, junior adjutant of Kovalevsky
  • Valentin Smirnitsky - Captain Rostovtsev
  • Gediminas Girdvainis - Intelligence Lieutenant
  • German Yushko - Timka, Angel's orderly
  • Yuri Medvedev - Nikita, a member of Angel's gang
  • Nikolai Gritsenko - Vikentiy Pavlovich Speransky, director of the Kiev White underground movement
  • Sofya Pavlova - Ksenia Andreevna, wife of Speransky
  • Boris Novikov - Isaac Liberson, the Kiev jeweler
  • Elizaveta Auerbach - Sofa, wife of Liberson
  • Lev Polyakov - Zagladin, a member of the White underground movement
  • Ivan Solovyov - Reznikov, chief of staff of the Reds
  • Nikolai Grabbe - Kosobrodov
  • Konstantin Zheldin - Captain Viktor Zakharovich Osipov, counterintelligence officer of the Volunteer Army, assistant of Shchukin
  • Alex Presnetsov - Basov, or "Nikolai Nikolaevich", former colonel, operations chief of army staff of Reds and White spy
  • Sergey Zeitz - Binsky, Kiev White underground worker,
  • Sergey Polezhaev - Kiev White underground fighter, "brother" of Binsky
  • Lyudmila Chursina - Oksana
  • Peter Dolzhanov - Lev Fedotov, jeweler
  • Peter Kudlay - mayor of Kharkov, colonel Schetinin (a historical figure)
  • Evgeny Teterin - Startsev, numismatist, courier for the Reds
  • Larissa Danilina - Natasha, daughter of a coin collector, resident of the intelligence network of the Reds
  • Alexander Barushnoy - English Brigadier Brix, a representative of the Allied
  • Gleb Plaksin - french general
  • Vera Yenyutina - false Koltsov's mother
  • Aleksei Smirnov - crook
  • Arthur Nischenkin - Klёnkin, security officer
  • Boris Yurchenko - Chekist
  • Victor Uralsky - watchman at the Kharkov station, White
  • Valentine Berezutskaya - passenger
  • Nikolai Barmin - the station
  • Vladimir Marenkov - one-legged shoemaker, a liaison of the Whites
  • Valentin Grachev - Sazonov, security officer
  • Yuri Leonidov - Colonel Lebedev
  • Margarita Kosheleva - Yura's mother
  • Margarita Krinitsyna - lady on the stairs, whom Miron Osadchy questions about Gritsenko's lawyer
  • Sergei Kalinin - Passenger (uncredited)
  • Konstantin Tyrtov - prison sentry (episode)
  • Production

    At first Mikhail Nozhkin was approved for the role of agent Koltsov and Yuri Solomin to play the supporting role of a staff officer. But the film director Yevgeni Tashkov decided that Yuri Solomin was better suited to play the lead role.

    For portraying the character of Captain Yuri Solomin Koltsov, Solomin was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR and the title of "Honored Artist of the RSFSR".


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