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The 7 Adventures of Sinbad

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Director  Ben Hayflick
Initial DVD release  May 25, 2010
Language  English
2.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Costume design  Gregory Paul Smith
Country  United States
The 7 Adventures of Sinbad movie poster
Release date  May 25, 2010 (2010-05-25)
Writer  Ben Hayflick, Adam Silver
Cast  Patrick Muldoon (Adrian Sinbad), Sarah Desage (Loa), Bo Svenson (Simon Magnusson), Kelly O'Leary (Gemma Hargrove), Dylan Jones (Joseph Atash), Berne Velasquez (Mehrak)
Similar movies  The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)

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The 7 Adventures of Sinbad (previously The 7 Voyages of Sinbad) is a 2010 American film by The Asylum. As a mockbuster, it attempts to capitalise on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Clash of the Titans.


The 7 Adventures of Sinbad movie scenes

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The 7 Adventures of Sinbad movie scenes

The film follows an early version of Sinbad the Sailor, who must undertake seven tasks to halt an impending disaster that threatens to create an El NiƱo.

Adrian Sinbad is a wealthy owner of an oil company, and the descendant of a long-line of great mariners. He and a small group of people sail to the Bay of Bengal after learning that his oil rig had been sunk by a band of pirates. The boat becomes trapped in a waterspout and Sinbad refuses to go back, ignoring the pleas of his crew. The boat gets abducted above the sea and he is marooned ashore.

Sinbad battles a Hatzegopterx and meets up with his surviving crew, Gemma, Whitaker, Mehrak the pirate captain, and Atash the oil tanker captain and his crew member. Sinbad also encounters Loa, a native warrior living on the island. Loa tells Sinbad that he must fulfill a long-forgotten pledge to become a warrior and save the island from an El Nino made by Elmec Ishu, a supernatural force that is angered by the oil spill after Sinbad's rig is sunk. The island suddenly experiences a violent earthquake, and the group then jumps on a log, which is actually the back of a large but harmless sea creature. They are later bombarded by a flock of large flying reptiles (called Rocs in the film), which think they're intruders.

Meanwhile, Simon, the headmaster of Sinbad's company, takes over while Sinbad is missing. The group manage to fight off a Roc and flee the swarm, but a crew member is injured by another Roc. They depart to a small cave, which houses a strong-fisted Yowie. Whitaker tries to identify the creature, but is injured by it. Sinbad knocks the Yowie off its feet, causing it to break its spine. As dusk falls, the men are paralyzed by some seals, and are to be eaten by them. Loa and Gemma prepare to kill the Seals when night comes, so that they can avoid getting paralyzed by looking into their eyes. Gemma is paralyzed and eaten by a Seal. Loa wards off the Seals with a torch as they are preparing to eat the men, and Sinbad distracts their Bull by throwing seal flesh into the water.

Later, Sinbad and his companions enter a small village where all those who are stranded join. Loa knows her father was the leader of the village, and he dislikes foreigners, causing Sinbad, Mehrak, and Atash to fight each other. Atash is stabbed by one of them after Mehrak refuses to kill him. Sinbad tries to convince the people that he knows a way to escape, but one of them says he's lying. Loa tries to convince the man that the men were his friends and a fight is started between those who want to be free and those who want to be invited. Mehrak is attacked and fights gallantly, seeing the man solve the conflict. Sinbad and Loa are banished from the village.

Sinbad knows that he must retrieve otherworldly crystals in an underground tunnel. In order to escape the island and lower himself down, he collects a crystal and kills a Sandfish blocking the path with fire. After exiting the tunnel, Sinbad and Loa learn that the crystal produces mist when in contact with water. They use a canoe and use the crystal to power it, and find a ship and call for help. Loa is missing but the ship crew manages to find her. Sinbad and Loa head back to his company, get a canoe, head into the sea and bring the oil rig to surface while Elmec Ishu unleashes his El Nino on the village by summoning deadly water spouts. Simon is killed after sabotaging Sinbad's mission.

The canoe is confronted by an icthyosaur, but it does not attack them. The oil rig is successfully raised and, upon seeing that Sinbad and Loa were once his advisors in controlling El Ninos, Elmec Ishu commands the icthyosaur to bring them to safety, in order to guide him into stopping it.


  • Patrick Muldoon - Adrian Sinbad
  • Sarah Desage - Loa
  • Bo Svenson - Simon Magnusson
  • Kelly O'Leary - Gemma Hargrove
  • Berne Velasquez - Mehrak
  • Dylan Jones - Joseph Atash
  • Peter Greathouse - Whitaker
  • Clifford Garbutt - Abdi the Consul
  • Dax - Maxamillion
  • Gautam Sabnani - Lincoln
  • Horacio Louis Guerrero - Andrews
  • Rhondeen Pitts - Mei
  • Oliver Mason - Alex Degraves
  • Victoria Jefferies - Queen Siren
  • Mark Lopez- sailor
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