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Thawanmichakna Kenkhrabada

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Directed by  Kishorekumar
Screenplay by  L. Dhanachandra
Music by  S. Tijen
Director  Kishorekumar
Produced by  Tollo, Chan & Nimai
Story by  Chan & Ishomani
Initial release  25 April 2002
Starring  Amarjeet Rajkumar Laimayum (O) Seema Lalit Meera Medha

Thawanmichakna Kenkhrabada (English: When The Star Falls) is a 2002 Manipuri film directed by Kishorekumar and produced by Tollo, Chan & Nimai. It stars Amarjeet Rajkumar and Laimayum (O) Seema in the lead roles. The playback singers of the songs in the film are R.K. Nandeshori, Premila, Sonali Mukherjee, China Doll, Sunita Nepram and Pahari Macha.


The film was released at Pratap Talkies, Imphal on 25 April 2002.


  • Amarjeet Rajkumar
  • Laimayum (O) Seema
  • Lalit
  • Meera
  • Medha
  • About

    The film tells the love story of Jiten and Meera. Jiten is the son of a rich businessman Biren, while Meera is a disabled singer. Jiten falls in love with Meera when he visits his home state during his vacation. They get married, but when Jiten returns to Pune to complete his studies, Meera returns to her own home, being unable to bear the ill-treatment by her in-laws, which cause the death of her one and only grandmother. Meera then survives as a music teacher. Bira and his wife only understand lately that disability is a glorious gift of God only when their daughter Sandhya met with an accident. The film's climax is achieved when Jiten found Meera and are reunited after a long separation.


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