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Thank God You're Here

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Country of origin
First episode date
24 September 2006

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Final episode date
8 July 2009

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Directed by
Peter Ots (Seasons 1-3)Jon Olb (Season 4)

Opening theme
Network Ten, Seven Network

Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Người bí ẩn, Gặp nhau cuối năm, Forever young, Paris By Night


Thank God You're Here is an Australian television improvised comedy program created by Working Dog Productions, which premiered on Network Ten on 5 April 2006, and aired for the first three seasons and on Seven for the fourth season.


Each episode involves performers walking through a door into an unknown situation, greeted by the line "Thank God you're here!". They then had to improvise their way through the scene. At the end of each episode a winner was announced. It was the most successful new show in Australia of 2006, attracting an average of 1.7 million viewers after the first few episodes.

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The show is hosted by Shane Bourne, and is judged by Tom Gleisner. The format was sold for recreation in a number of countries.

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Thank God You're Here Thank God You39re Here quotEpisode 104quot Review IGN

Each contestant is dressed in appropriate costume, has some brief banter with the host, and is then invited to "walk through the blue door" onto a hidden set. They are greeted by the ensemble cast, in character, with the line "Thank God you're here!", and must then attempt to improvise their role in the scene. Typically they will be asked in-character questions by the ensemble cast and challenged to provide information about the scene, including the names of characters or objects.

Thank God You're Here Thank God You39re Here It39s Tomorrow Over There

At least twice during each episode (to cover set-up and costuming for the live audience), footage is shown of each of the four participants performing a challenge, often on location, which was filmed earlier in the week. These include a commentary booth where the contestants have to comment on an unfamiliar subject, an office where they are being interviewed or interrogated (by police, customs officials, etc.), showing customers things for sale (cars, boats, pianos, houses, etc.), or advertisements (e.g. slimming products, housing developments, etc.). The other characters in these scenes are generally played by members of the ensemble cast. The third series also introduced an additional segment in which Gleisner highlights a "real life" Thank God You're Here-style situation, such as the infamous Guy Goma BBC interview and frequently, that of politicians forced to improvise answers under pressure. The fourth season introduced a different segment, where Gleisner points out that he believes an Australian cricket player is able to endorse anything, and presents a falsified advertisement where a retired Australian cricketer (Damien Fleming) attempts to endorse an also falsified company of a completely random field (such as a French restaurant or sewage processing plant). Running gags in these segments include the cricketer comparing selecting such a company with his medium pace bowling, the use of "jargon" which actually is completely made-up, comparing the reliability (or other value) with his own bowling style, and a man named "Steve" who is called upon to agree with this previous statement ("bit like my bowling, eh, Steve?")

Thank God You're Here Eltham Wildcats on Thank God You39re Here Eltham Wildcats

Finally, when all the contestants have played in a scene by themselves, all four enter a final scene together for the "all-in group challenge". At the end of the show, the judge declares a winner; this choice is entirely at the judge's discretion, and is largely arbitrary. Honorable and dishonorable mentions are also given, usually to contestants who do not win so that the judge can comment on their performances. The winner receives a trophy in the shape of the programme's blue door logo.

There are variations on the standard setup: occasionally the greeting will be slightly changed to better suit the setting (i.e. "Thank the gods you're here!" for a scene featuring Vikings or "Thank God you're alive" in a scene featuring a car accident), and often an alternative entrance will be built into the set. These are often used for comic effect, as in the aforementioned car accident scenario where the contestant (Matthew Newton) climbed through the back of the set and emerged from the door of a wrecked car embedded in the wall of a second-storey flat.

Ensemble cast

Although their parts are thoroughly scripted, the actors who interact with the guest stars in each scenario are drawn from an ensemble of experienced improvisational actors.

Improvisation experience is preferred so that the cast can react appropriately and immediately to the improvisations of the guest stars, though in most cases this improvisation is limited. This ensemble is also used in many of the mid-week assignments, fulfilling the roles of customers or members of the public with whom the guests must interact in a real-life setting.

The following are regular ensemble cast members who have appeared or currently appear on the show.

  • Heidi Arena (All series)
  • Daniel Cordeaux (All series)
  • Ed Kavalee (All series)
  • Nicola Parry (All Series)
  • Angela Johnson (Season 4)
  • Ben Anderson (Season 2 - Season 4)
  • Andrew Bayly (Season 1, Episode 2 - Season 4)
  • Isabella Dunwill (Season 2)
  • Simon Dowling (Season 1, Episode 3 - Season 4)
  • Rebekah Foord (Season 1, Episode 3 - Season 3, Episode 1)
  • Roz Hammond (Season 3 - Season 4)
  • Simon Russell (Season 2 - Season 4)
  • Several special guests have also appeared, either playing themselves or as part of the ensemble cast for a scene. Special guests have included Carl Barron, Dan O'Connor, Kimberley Davies, Simon Burke, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Mark Holden, Joan Sydney, Kate Ceberano, The Veronicas, Mick Molloy, Nikki Webster and Alan Fletcher. Other guests including Don Burke, Suzie Wilks, Jane Hall and Andy Lee have appeared as mock presenters in the locational challenges.

    Show promotion

    Host Shane Bourne and Judge Tom Gleisner appeared on Rove Live on 11 April 2006, to promote the show after the first episode had screened. After an interview with Rove McManus, they participated in a game McManus called Where The Bloody Hell Have You Been, a play on words of the Australian tourism campaign, "So Where The Bloody Hell Are You?". In this game they had to perform, without preparation, a situation involving a funeral, and the reading of an improvised eulogy, following exactly the same format as Thank God You're Here.


    The main theme is "Come Anytime" (June 1989) by Sydney-based rock band, Hoodoo Gurus. A piece used throughout the interludes of the first Season of the show is "Don't You Know Who I Am", performed by Small Mercies.

    In the second season, new music was also used in addition to the main themes:

  • "Reminder" by Kisschasy
  • "Pellet Gun" by Small Mercies
  • In the third season, more new music was used in addition to the main themes:

  • "Everlasting" by Horsell Common
  • "Beautiful Disguise" by Tokenview
  • Production and broadcast schedule

    The show is filmed at Global Television Studios in Nunawading (a suburb in the outskirts of Melbourne) which are rented by ATV-10 for the first three seasons in series 1-3 in 2006 & 2007.

    Recording of a single episode is done between 7:30pm and 10:30pm. Each segment is recorded "as if live", but with longer breaks between acts for set changes and costuming. Some retakes are done after the initial recording is done to correct any errors made by the hosts during the initial recording, or to cover sounds picked up from outside the studio. The guest scenarios are recorded non-stop, and are longer than what will be seen on TV.

    Series One (Early 2006)

    The final episode of Season One, in which the actor Angus Sampson won, had 2.13 million viewers nationally.

    Series Two (Late 2006)

    The second series of the show ran from 6 September to 8 November 2006, at a 7:30 pm AEST timeslot. The ratings for the second season place the show in the top three shows watched in Australia boosting the ratings of follow-up show House on the network and placing the show up with ratings juggernaut Border Security: Australia's Front Line which broadcasts on the Seven Network. Thank God You're Here received an average of two million viewers every week. For the last episode of 2006 (8 November), had received ratings of 1.85 million viewers nationally.

    Series Three (2007)

    The first episode of Series Three was filmed on 21 June 2007. Guests for this episode included Stephen Curry, Josh Lawson, Peter Helliar and Cal Wilson. Series Three had begun at the same 7:30 pm time slot on Wednesday 11 July 2007.

    Series Four (2009)

    The fourth season will air on the Seven Network instead of Network Ten. With Global Television Studios in Nunawading getting ready to shut down, Series 4 started filming at Melbourne Showgrounds in Flemington, in the shed normally used as the Poultry Pavilion (Centenary Hall). With the move from Nunawading also comes a move from Global to Cutting Edge as the broadcast provider. Shooting started Thursday 19 March 2009, in front of a live audience of 500 people. At the recording of episode 2 on 26 March, Tom Gleisner told the audience they couldn't find an available studio big enough for all their sets and large studio audience, so started looking at other types of venues, and found what they needed at the showgrounds. Portable buildings have been set up outside the pavilion as offices, etc. Another vacant pavilion is used to house the audience before taping. The new venue is an issue for audio, as there is no soundproofing, so the nearby railway line often interferes with scenes, and Tom said if it rains, they are "stuffed".

    Series Five

    In 2014, co-creator Rob Sitch said that a revival of the program was possible.

    DVD releases

    Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the show have been released on DVD in Australia. There are currently no plans to release the DVDs in other countries. Season 1 was released on 8 November 2006, Season 2 was released on 23 August 2007, Season 3 was released on 28 November 2007 and Season 4 was released on 5 November 2009.


  • Most Outstanding Comedy Program Logie, 2007
  • Most Popular Light Entertainment Program Logie, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 (nominated)
  • Board game

    In December 2009 the "Thank God You're Here" board game was released. It contains 70 different scenarios which can be acted out in the home, in a similar format to the show. The board game is being distributed in selected stores only, including What's New.


    The format has been sold to FremantleMedia for worldwide distribution and has subsequently been sold for creation in 18 countries including the United States. International versions are required to use the same sketch premises used on the original Australian version and if one wants to alter one of their episodes in some way, such as taping a Christmas-themed episode, they must go through FremantleMedia for permission to do so.

  • The Australian version entered repeat broadcast on 13 January 2015 on Comedy.
  • The Czech version of the show, "Konečně jsi tady" was first aired on TV Prima on 4 March 2007. The show was later put on hold to change it to better suit the Czech viewers.
  • The Dutch version, "Gelukkig Je Bent Er" broadcast its first episode on RTL 4 in late September 2006, followed by "Gu' ske lov du kom" on Danish TV3 a few days later.
  • The German version, "Gott sei Dank... dass Sie da sind!", piloted in July 2006, premiered on 30 November 2006, in primetime on German channel ProSieben, produced by local Fremantle daughter Grundy LE, but managed only to attract a small audience. It was cancelled after 6 episodes
  • The Russian version of the show, "Slava Bogu, ty prishyol" was first aired on STS channel on 24 September 2006. Five seasons with the last shown in 2010 spring have been produced.
  • The Swedish version, "Tack gode Gud" was first aired on TV4 on 21 March 2007. It follows the same format as the Australian version and regularly uses similar scenarios.
  • The U.S. version was picked up by NBC after a pilot was shot on 9 November 2006, overseen by Rob Sitch, who flew to Los Angeles. It was hosted by American actor and comedian David Alan Grier and judged by Canadian actor and comedian Dave Foley. The program premiered on 9 April 2007 with two back-to-back episodes (including the pilot). It followed the Australian format closely, with the additional quirks of the guests swearing they had not seen the sets or costumes at the start of the show, and host Grier appearing in a cameo for one scenario each episode. Though it managed to attract some fairly high-profile guests, including Tom Green, Fran Drescher and Wayne Knight (who appeared twice), NBC announced it had cancelled the show after just seven episodes on 14 May 2007.
  • The UK version premiered on 12 January 2008 on ITV. The show was made by Talkback Thames, a FremantleMedia company. Paul Merton was both the host and also featured in his own scenes. Hamish Blake has appeared on the first two episodes of Season 1.
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