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Country  India
District  Tirunelveli district
State  Tamil Nadu
Time zone  IST (UTC+5:30)
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Thalaivankottai is traditionally recognized as one of the 72 palaiyams of Madurai. This Maravar palaiyam was located in the Sivagiri Taluk, at the foot of the Western Ghats, in the Tirunelveli province of the Nayak kingdom of Madurai.


Thalaivankottai murattu devan da


Its polygar belonged to the Kondayam-Kottai subcaste of the Maravar. The polygar family traced it origins to a court official of the latter Pandya kings. Thailavankottai was one of the palayams that joined Puli Thevar’s coalition in 1754-1762 (Nerkattumseval). It joined the insurrection led by the polegar of Kollamkondan after victories over the Anglo-Nawabi forces helped the revolt spread to other polegars.Its last descendant Zamindari titled was Indran ramasamy pandyan(1925 - 2008) and he was highly respected by his surroundings and natives.

Post 1799

At the end of the First Polegar War in 1799, the polegar of Thalaivankottai surrendered two forts and 100 armed men to Major J. Bannerman. At the time of the general settlement of 1802, Polegar Indra Ramaswami Pandya Thevar held five villages. The palaiyam survived into the 19th century as a zamindari consisting of eighteen villages and having an area of 6.14 sq.m and a population (in 1879) of 3,117. Last titled Zamindar is Indran Ramasamy pandya thalaivanar(belongs to kondayamkottai subcaste of maravars) who in 1944 married Sivabaghyanachiar,sethupathy princess of Ramnad(belongs to the royal marika branch of semmanadu maravars) and they have five children{three sons and two daughters} till surviving in the royal family of Thalaivankottai. The royal family of thalaivankottai and their heirs administers all the temples in Thalaivankottai surroundings especially the masthiasthanathar temple of Dharugapuram


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