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Thad Roberts

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Full Name  Thad Roberts
Nationality  American
Residence  Bowling Green, KY
Name  Thad Roberts
Thad Roberts About Thad Einstein39s Intuition Quantum Space Theory
Born  1977 (age 37–38)Utah
Occupation  public speaker, astrophysicist, researcher as theoretical physicist
Criminal charge  theft of government property, transporting stolen goods across state lines

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Thad Roberts is a theoretical physicist who first came into the public spotlight for his role in the theft of 100 grams (3.5 oz) lunar samples from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas while being a co-op at the facility. Roberts was sentenced to 100 months in federal prison for the crime. Roberts used this time to explore the mysteries of modern physics, taking a particular interest in the philosophical postures of Bohmian mechanics, and Superfluid Vacuum Theory. Today he works as a theoretical physicist for a private think tank which is financing the research into his candidate Grand Unified Theory: quantum space theory (qst). He is a public speaker for the American Program Bureau.


Thad Roberts Confessions of a moon rock thief CBS News

Eleven Dimensions Theory - Thad Roberts

Early life

Roberts grew up in a strict Mormon home. After completing his training at the Missionary Training Center he was sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma and subsequently confessed to his mission president that he had engaged in pre-marital sex. Church leaders removed him from his mission and sent him home to Salt Lake City, Utah. He then married Kaydee and enrolled in the University of Utah triple majoring in geology, geophysics and physics, setting his sights on becoming an astronaut. He founded the University of Utah Astronomical Society and was hired on as the observatory’s director. After earning a pilot’s license, a rescue diver’s certificate, and participating in several dinosaur digs in association with the lead paleontologist for the UMNH, Roberts applied for a co-op position with NASA and was accepted. During his third year at NASA, Roberts fell in love with a Biology intern. Wanting to give her the moon (literally), he masterminded a moon rock caper and stole 100g of lunar samples. He then attempted to sell some of those pieces but was caught in a government sting. Roberts was sentenced to 100 months in federal prison for his actions. Roberts earned Bachelor of Science degrees in physics, anthropology and philosophy from the University of Utah. During the years in prison, he had the time and focus to develop and mature his new theory of how our universe works - an effort that has now culminated in the publication of his first book - Einstein's Intuition: Visualizing Nature in Eleven Dimensions.

QST - Quantum Space Theory

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Quantum space theory (QST) is a candidate theory for quantum gravity. It posits that the vacuum of space is quantized (in a self-similar way ultimately described as a hierarchal fractal) which, under equilibrium conditions, behaves like a superfluid (BEC). This model shares common ground with superfluid vacuum theory (SVT) and Bohmian mechanics. QST uses the vacuum’s geometric parameters to derive the constants of Nature, arguing that the constants of Nature are set out of geometric necessity. It also derives the Nonlinear Schrodinger equation, also known as the Gross–Pitaevskii equation, from first principles. Roberts argues that vacuum quantization offers an intuitive way to visualize and think in 11 dimensions. In his book he uses this intuitive access to offer novel geometric explanations for the effects of dark matter, dark energy, wave-particle duality, quantum tunneling, gravity, inflation, and offers an interpretation of fundamental matter particles in a way that is quite reminiscent of Lord Kelvin’s Vortex theory of atoms.

NASA co-op

In his junior year, Roberts was selected for a co-op position at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. He began his internship in astrophysics before moving to geo-astrophysics. He worked as a Flight Lead for the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, where he put his training and certifications as a SCUBA diver to use. There he assisted with training dives with astronauts with underwater mockups of the International Space Station.

Lunar sample and fossil theft

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On July 20, 2002, the 33rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, FBI agents filled Italianni's restaurant on Orlando's International Drive, a popular family tourist destination, for a dinner meeting with Roberts. The meeting then moved to a nearby Sheraton Studio City Hotel where 40 FBI agents arrested Roberts and Fowler and recovered the missing lunar samples. Nearby busy highways were shut down during the arrest to prevent escape. Roberts was also charged with stealing dinosaur bones and other fossils from his school, the University of Utah.


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