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Terribly Happy

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Director  Henrik Ruben Genz
Initial DVD release  July 13, 2010
Language  Danish
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Mystery
Music director  Kaare Bjerko
Country  Denmark
Terribly Happy movie poster
Release date  October 2, 2008 (2008-10-02)
Writer  Henrik Ruben Genz (screenplay), Dunja Gry Jensen (screenplay), Erling Jepsen (novel)
Initial release  October 2, 2008 (Czech Republic)
Cast  Jakob Cedergren (Robert Hansen), Lene Maria Christensen (Ingerlise), Kim Bodnia (Jørgen), Lars Brygmann (Doktor Zerlang), Anders Hove, Mathilde Maack
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Frygtelig lykkelig terribly happy trailer

Robert (Jakob Cedergren) a timid Copenhagen city policeman is reassigned to protect and serve in a sleepy town in rural Denmark. But Robert struggles to maintain order in his new jurisdiction, a lawless place where the only rules are those dictated and enforced by local thug and serial wife-beater Jorgen (Kim Bodnia). As the indifferent townspeople dismiss Roberts laughable attempts at police work, he nurses a fixation with Jorgens sexpot spouse, Ingerlise (Lene Maria Christensen).


Terribly Happy movie scenes

Terribly Happy (Danish: Frygtelig lykkelig) is a 2008 Danish film directed by Henrik Ruben Genz, based on Erling Jepsens novel of the same name from 2004.

Terribly Happy movie scenes

The film was first shown in the film industry at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in July 2008, in the Czech Republic, where it won the Crystal Globe (Grand Prize).

Terribly Happy movie scenes

This film has been compared, in concept, to two films by the Coen brothers: Blood Simple (1985) and No Country for Old Men (2007).

Terribly Happy movie scenes

Robert Hansen, 34, a young police officer from Copenhagen, is transferred against his will to the small town of Skarrild in Southern Jutland as a substitute Marshall. The transfer is Robert’s chance to start over. Whether he is allowed to return to his job in Copenhagen, all depends on how well he performs in this frontier town.

Plot summary

Terribly Happy movie scenes

The film is about a policeman, Robert Hansen, from Copenhagen who makes a mistake, is sent for therapy, and then is assigned to a small town in South Jutland.

Terribly happy 2008 movie review


  • Jakob Cedergren as Robert Hansen
  • Lene Maria Christensen as Ingerlise Buhl
  • Kim Bodnia as Jorgen Buhl
  • Lars Brygmann as Dr. Zerleng
  • Anders Hove as Kobmand Moos
  • Jens Jorn Spottag as Politimester
  • Henrik Lykkegaard as Praest
  • Bodil Jorgensen as Bartender
  • Peter Hesse Overgaard as Helmuth
  • Niels Skousen as Hansi
  • Lars Lunoe as Nissum
  • Sune Q. Geertsen as Oko Tage (credited as Sune Geertsen)
  • Mathilde Maack as Dorthe
  • An Le as Fru Kobmand Moos
  • Taina Anneli R. Berg as Lone TP (credited as Taina Anneli Berg)
  • Puk Scharbau as Hannes Stemme (voice)
  • Kenn Bruun as Svend Mangler Penge
  • Mads Ole Langelund Larsen as Knud Langfinger
  • Joakim Schierning as Jannik
  • Bent Larsen as Betjent
  • Thorkild Demuth as Naboen
  • Reception

    Terribly Happy movie scenes

    The film received strong reviews from film critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes shows that 89% of 46 critics (all but one of the top 16 critics) gave the film a positive review, with a rating average of 7.3 out of 10, concluding that "this knotty Danish noir thriller steers audiences into some nicely unexpected territory." Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 1–100 reviews from film critics, gives a rating score of 74 based on 18 reviews.


    Terribly Happy movie scenes

    Terribly Happy won several Robert awards in 2009, including Best Danish Film, Best Director, Best Female Lead, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, and Best Cinematographer.

    It was the official submission of Denmark for the category of Best Foreign Language Film for the 82nd Academy Awards in March 2010.


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