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Publication date  2007
System(s)  TerraDrive
Genre(s)  Science Fiction
Designer(s)  Graeme Laird, Tryston Adachi
Publisher(s)  Technomancer Press, LLC

TerraDrive is a science fiction role-playing game (RPG) originally designed by Graeme Laird and Tryston Adachi, and first published in 2007 by Technomancer Press. It is scheduled for release at PAX: The Penny Arcade Exposition on August 26, 2007.



TerraDrive is set in the TerraDrive Universe, a 25th-century science-fiction based setting. The TerraDrive Universe is being developed with player generated content via a wiki. Players add any details they wish about the TerraDrive Universe, much like Epic Legends Of The Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga was developed, which was created by Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade. However, Technomancer Press has announced plans to publish TerraDrive adventures and books based on content contributed to the TerraDrive Universe by fans.

TerraDrive Live

TerraDrive Live (created by Tony Hellmann and Christian Kelley) is a heavily modified form of the game Assassin which includes collectible card game elements. TerraDrive Live is the first "Massively Multiplayer Live Action Role Playing Game". It is set in the TerraDrive Universe and is based on TerraDrive. It is being debuted at PAX: The Penny Arcade Exposition on August 24, 2007 in Seattle, and is expected to be played by thousands.


TerraDrive Wikipedia

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