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Category  Halide mineral
Strunz classification  3.DD.20
Crystal system  Monoclinic crystal system
Formula (repeating unit)  Hg2ClO
Space group  C2/c
Terlinguaite wwwdakotamatrixcomimagesproductsterlinguaite3
Crystal class  Prismatic (2/m) (same H-M symbol)
Unit cell  a = 19.51 Å, b = 5.91 Å c = 9.47 Å; β = 143.81°; Z = 4

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Terlinguaite is the naturally occurring mineral with formula Hg2ClO. It is formed by the weathering of other mercury-containing minerals. Discovered in 1900 in the Terlingua District of Brewster County, Texas for which it is named. Its color is yellow, greenish yellow, brown or olive green.


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