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Terje Winterstø Røthing

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Origin  Klepp, Norway
Spouse  Ragnhild Winterstø
Genres  Rock/Punk/Hard rock
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Also known as  Terje "Killmaster" Kaizer, Ted Winters
Born  5 August 1977 (age 39) (1977-08-05)
Instruments  Guitar, Vocals, Oil barrel, Mandolin, Tambourine, Percussion
Associated acts  Kaizers Orchestra, Skambankt
Music groups  Kaizers Orchestra (Since 2000), Skambankt (Since 1994)
Albums  Ompa til du dør, Maskineri, Våre demoner, Evig pint, Maestro

Terje Winterstø Røthing (born Terje Vinterstø in 1977) is a Norwegian musician, playing guitar in two rock bands.


Røthing joined a band named Kaizers Orchestra soon after the band started in 2000. He had participated with various bandmembers earlier projects. He was a long-term friend of Janove Ottesen and Geir Zahl. He had participated on every recording of "Blod, Snått & Juling" (band) and "gnom" (band). Røthing had, just like Zahl, background from "Klepp Rockclub", and played funk/rock guitar in "Zombie Porrkchop" (band) and later indie-guitar in "Watershed" (band).

Terje Winterstø Røthing Terje Winterst Rthing Rogalyd

As of 2011 he played the lead guitar in the Norwegian rock band Kaizers Orchestra under the name Terje "Killmaster" Kaizer.

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Røthing is also the frontman of the Norwegian punk band Skambankt that plays a mixture of punk, rock'n'roll and hard rock. In that band, he goes by the name Ted Winters and plays second guitar and sings.

Terje Winterstø Røthing Skambankt Terje Winterst Rthing og Hans Egil Le Skambankt

Before Kaizers Orchestra and Skambankt, he played in bands including (the Norwegian) band Watershed, Ebenezer, Zombie Porkshop and allegedly Johnny and the Sexual Problems. On occasion he played guitar for The Goo Men.

Terje Winterstø Røthing Scenes from The Life of the Girl Automatic International Musical

In 2009, Røthing opened a photo-exhibit at a galleri in Oslo, with photos from Kaizers Orchestra's tour(s), in cooperation with Paal Audestad.

In the aftermath of the 2012 Norwegian Spellemann Awards, Røthing earned criticism after showering a fellow musician's head with beer as a response to an alleged racist comment during the show. Røthing later posted a public apology to the musician in question on Kaizers Orchestra's official Facebook page, admitting that he had overreacted.

Private Life

Terje is married to Ragnhild Winterstø. They had a child in November 2010, during Skambankt's tour and they had to cancel the p3 sessions concert. Ragnhild is singing a duet with Janove Ottesen on Kaizers Orchestra's 2008 album Maskineri. The song is named "Den andre er meg".


HjerteknuserVioleta Violeta Volume I · 2011
Kontroll på kontinentetOmpa til du dør · 2001
Fra sjåfør til passasjerOmpa til du dør · 2001


Terje Winterstø Røthing Wikipedia