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Teri, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Veiws of teri district karak

Teri is a village and Union Council in Karak District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is located at 33°18'0"N 71°6'0"E with an altitude of 634 metres (2,083 feet).


Map of Teri, Pakistan

Teri, the Khattak town of Kohat Division, Banda Daudshah Tehsil. Teri is 34 miles from Kohat. Situated four (4) miles west of Kohat-Bannu road, Teri is the oldest Khattak town. It is one of the important Khattak towns along with Lachi and Gumbat. Teri is situated beside the Toi (river of that name. There is open well-cultivated valley between Teri and the hills to the north. The town is close to the Toi and is well situated on a rising ground overlooking the surrounding country. Teri is a large valley situated between Mirandaey (Mirandi) and Thuwaanraey (Sawani) Ghaar mountain range. These are the two highest mountain ranges of Khattak-nama. The different spellings of Teri in the old books of English surveyors are as follows starting from the oldest one: 1. Teri 2. Terri 3. Tiraey 4. Teeree

Till 1956, Teri was a princely state ruled by Nawab of Teri. Teri State had an area of 1616 square miles comprising

a) present Karak District: Banda Daudshah Tehsil, Karak Tehsil, Takht-e-Nasrati Tehsil and b) half of present Kohat District: LachiTehsil and Gumbat area.

Teri State was divided into following Tappas (satrapies): 1. Teri, 2. Senaey Khwarram (part of present Banda Daudshah Tehsil, part of Lachi Tehsil and Gumbat area) 3. Barak (present Takht-e-Nasrati Tehsil and Karak Tehsil)

Teri State's Barak area was divided into two parts topographically: 1. Tsavatra- Chauntra or the elevated territory (most of Banda Daudshah Tehsil and most of Karak Tehsil) 2. Taal or the sandy plains (Takht-e-Nasrati Tehsil and part of Karak Tehsil, Latambararea) Tsavatra is from Hindi word Chauntra. Chauntra means elevated land. This is a common terminology in Punjab. Taal is again from the Hindi word Thall-Tal, meaning sand. Thall Desert of Sindh Sagar Doab is an example. Another example is of the famous Thar Desert of Sindh, Pakistan. Here the last consonant ‘l’ changes to ‘r’.

History of Khattaks and Establishment of Teri State

The first mentioning of Khattak tribe in history is that they migrated from Shawal Mountain Range (now inhabited by Waziris). Their chief, Malik Akor Khan first established himself at Karbogha, a village of Tall Tehsil, Hangu District, north-west of Teri. Malik Akor Khan then moved in a north-east direction and settled at the bank of Kabul River, Landaey Daryab (short river). Town of Akora Khattak was founded by Malik Akor Khan. It was the first capital of Khattaks. Mughal Emperor, Akbar while on a visit to Peshawar made Malik Akor Khan a government servant and charged him with the responsibility of collecting tolls from the caravans on the crossing of the Indus at Attock. Malik Akor Khan was grandfather of the famous warrior-poet, Khushal Khan Khattak.

Malik Akor Khan Originator of Akor Khel dynasty Ruled from 1550 Died in 1600

The chief of Khattaks used to sit at Akora and his deputy used to be at Teri. In 1759, Teri got independent of Akora and started to have its own independent chief.

Teri 1550-1956 400 Years of Chiefship.

Chiefs of Khattaks 1550 to 1956

Malik Akor Khan Originator of Akor Khel Dynasty Ruled from 1550 Died in 1600

Yahya Khan Ruled from 1600 Died in 1620

Shahbaz Khan I Ruled from 1620 Died in 1641

Khushal Khan I Poet National Poet of Afghanistan Ruled from 1641 Born in 1613 Died in 1689 (25 February)

Ashraf Khan Poet Ruled from 1659 Died in 1682

Muhammad Afzal Khan The Historian, author of Tarikh-i-Murassa (History of India, Pashtuns, Khattaks) Poet Ruled from 1682 Died in 1741

Sadullah Khan alias Khan Shaheed Last Akor Khel Chief to rule both Akora and Teri. Teri was named Asad-abad because of this Chief. Ruled from 1741 Died in 1748

Shahbaz Khan Ancestor of the Teri Chiefs Ruled from 1759 Died in 1799

Mansur Khan Ruled from 1799 Died in 1800

Nasir Khan Ruled from 1800 Died in 1812

Arsalla Khan Ruled from 1812 Died in 1818

Khushal Khan II Ruled from 1818 Died in 1824

Nadir Ali Khan Ruled from 1824 Died in 1827

Biland Khan Ruled from 1827 Died in 1837

Rasul Khan Ruled from 1837 Died in 1844

Nawab Khan Bahadur (K.B.) Sir Khwaja Muhammad Khan Knight Commander Star of India (K.C.S.I.) Knighthood and conferment of title of Sir and Nawab in 1873. Born in 1824 Ruled from 1844 Died in 1889

Khan Bahadur (K.B.) Muhammad Zafar Khan aka Darmalak Khan Died in 1895

Nawab Khan Bahadur (K.B.) Abdul Ghafoor Khan Also known as Sakhee (generous) Nawab Sahib. Born in 1853 Died in 1913

Khan Bahadur (K.B.) Abdul Hakeem Khan aka Dilkash Khan Born in 1876 Died in 1910s

Nawab Muhammad Abdul Rahman Khan Born in 1888 Died in 1918

Nawab Khan Bahadur (K.B.) Hon. Major and Magistrate Baz Muhammad Khan "Chief of Khattaks" Born in 1891 Died in 1979 (12 April)

Abdul Majeed Khan s/o Khan Bahadur Abdul Hakim Khan

Abdul Maeed Khan s/o Khan Bahdur Abdul Hakim Khan aka Swaro Khan.

Subah Sadiq Khan s/o Khan Bahadur Abdul Hakim khan Also known as Badshah Khan Poet Born in 1900 Died in 1993

Nawabzada Arsala Khan s/o Nawab Muhammad Abdul Rehman Khan Born in 1916 Died in October 1982

Lieutenant Nawabzada Atabak Mohammad Khan Khattak. Eldest son of Nawab Teri Baz Mohammad Khan Born in 1910 Died at Burma Front in World War II, 1942.

Captain Nawabzada Abdul Saboor Khan Khattak Hon. Lt Col. Pakistan National Guards (PNG) Battalion, Eldest son from second wife of Nawab Teri Baz Mohammad Khan, Born in November, 1921 Died on 14 October 1998.

Nawabzada Zafar Ali Khan s/o Nawab Baz Mohammad Khan, aka Ghuat Khan Born in 1924 Died on 3 March 1985.

Nawabzada Akbar Ali Khan s/o Nawab Baz Mohammad Khan, aka Ranraa Khan Born in 1933

Nawabzada Anwar Hussain s/o Nawab Baz Mohammad Khan, aka Durrani Khan Born in 1939

Nawabzada Farooq Khan also known as Bakht Sultan Khan s/o Nawabzada Zafar Ali Khan, Born on 6 March 1948. Elected Member District Council in 1983. Member Majlis-e-Shoora (Member Provincial Council) in 1984. Advisor to Governor NWFP in 1984. Served village Teri in his maximumcapacity as under: Nawabzada Iftakhar Ali Khan also known as Akhtar Ali Khan s/o Nawabzada Zafar Ali Khan

Col Nawabzada Barkat Ali Khan , 4th Batalian The Punjab Regiment has great contribution towards development of the area. Currently director in one of the leading multinationals.

Nawabzada Mazahar Ali Khan also known as Janu Malik s/o Nawabzada Zafar Ali Khan

Nawabzada Asad Ali Khan s/o Nawabzada Zafar Ali Khan

To develop Teri and to bring it in the sight of the provincial and federal governments, he invited Lt. Gen. Fazl-e-Haq the then governor of NWFP now KPK, for a partridge shoot at Teri to gain his approval for metaled road from Banda Daud Shah to Gurguri, telephone exchange with multiple domestic connections, district hospital in Banda Daud Shah, inter college in Banda Daud Shah, provision of clean drinking water tube wells, electrification at a mass scale to several villages around Teri in tehsil Banda Daud Shah such as Gurguri, Shagai and Barbara villages etc., drainage system inside Teri and also the approval of mega budget for the feasibility survey of Sharki Dam. He achieved all the above goals with their completion during his tenure as Member Provincial Council.


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