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Terebra dislocata

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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Conoidea
Genus  Terebra
Phylum  Mollusca
Class  Gastropoda
Family  Terebridae
Scientific name  Terebra dislocata
Rank  Species
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Similar  Terebra, Terebra taurina, Terebra cingulifera, Prunum apicinum, Terebra pertusa

Terebra dislocata, common name the eastern auger, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Terebridae, the auger snails.



The eastern auger Terebra dislocata measures on average up to 2 1/4 inches in length, with a pointed spire. The color varies but is often a pale grey or tan.


The species is found from Virginia to Brazil.


This species lives in sounds and offshore on shallow sand flats. The shell is commonly found washed up on sound and ocean beaches.

The Atlantic auger is a carnivore, but it lacks the radula and poison gland found in most other augers.


Terebra dislocata Wikipedia

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