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Country  Mexico
Elevation  2,172 m (7,126 ft)
Area  393.4 km²
Local time  Wednesday 3:58 AM
State  Hidalgo
Website  [1]
Population  80,612 (2010)
Area code  42850
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Municipal seat  Tepeji del Río de Ocampo
Time zone  Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
Weather  13°C, Wind S at 8 km/h, 45% Humidity

Tepeji (officially: Tepeji del Río de Ocampo) is Hidalgo's southernmost town and one of the 84 municipalities of Hidalgo, in central-eastern Mexico. The municipality covers an area of 393.4 km². The town is known for its beautiful, Lake Requena, a vast lake often used for boating and fishing. It is also acknowledged for being the birthplace of Mexican football superstar Raul Jimenez.

Map of Tepeji, Hgo., Mexico

Tepeji del Rio has many industrial complexes with companies such as Procter and Gamble, Kaltex, Arteche, Zaga, PPG, Pilgrims Pride etc. Amanali Country Club & Nautica has a golf course situated in the northern part of the town overlooking Lake Requena, along with associated residential areas. Plaza del Rio, Tepeji's main plaza, has most of the town's commercial outlets, including a Comercial Mexicana, a Pemex gas station, a Cinepolis movie theater, a Domino's Pizza, and a few other outlets.

The 2010 census reported that the municipality had a total population of 80,612, though the welcome road sign at the south entrance of Tepeji states a population of 100,000. As it's being urbanized continuously, Tepeji del Rio is predicted to be included in the Mexico City Metro Area in years to come.

As of September 5th, 2016, Tepeji is governed by Moisés Ramírez Tapia, member of the New Alliance Party (Mexico).


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