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Teo Spiller

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Name  Teo Spiller

Teo Spiller

Teo Spiller (born December 4, 1965 in Ljubljana) is one of four Slovenian net.artists, active on-line since 1995.


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Spiller sold work to a gallery. He sold his work Megatronix to Mestna galerija Ljubljana in May 1999. He organised negotiations between artist and buyer as an online forum with participants. His other world renown projects were Hommage to Mondrian, Nice Page, Capricces for Netscape and Esmeralda.

In 2000 he organized an international art happening called INFOS 2000 (off-linne) contest about how multimedia and browsing connections contextually and aesthetically obscured the borders between and CD-ROM art. He also produced many fine art works reflecting aesthetics of new media

In 2004, together with Tadej Komavec, he launched X-lam project, a different media for watching images. It works best in (semi) dark places. A 'stick' contains series of diodes blinking. But if you move your eyes quickly you can briefly see an image floating in the air. On 10th Cairo International Biennale he exhibited beside X-lam some other technologies for different ways of watching, like stereograms and streaming textuality, which he later used also in installation Intruders (Kino Siska, 2012).

In 2007 he denied to participate on U3 triennial of contemporary arts due to different concepts of presenting in a gallery.

In 2008 launched Real3Dfriend project as a critic of closed commercial oriented virtual reality systems (specially Second life), questioning ethics of virtual reality worlds, based on commercial instead on humanistic values.

In 2011 launched projects New media textuality and New media Semiotics, combining the artists book with projects like SPAM sonnet ♦, News sonnets, etc.

Combining visual media and machines, he built a robot Laboro to investigate a concept of cyborg artist, combination of human and machine in art process, resulting in Wooden In/form/Ations and robot generated graphics like President Obama following execution of Osama bin Laden

Solo exhibitions

  • Galerija Commerce, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Klub Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Gallery Rael Artel, Pärnu, Estonia
  • INFOS 2000 (off-line) contest
  • Installation "Inside the web server", Hevreka!05, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
  • "Sshh!", KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2010
  • "Wooden In/form/Ation", Trubar Literature House, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011
  • "LIFE", Merlin Theatre, Budapest, Hungary, 2011
  • "Intruders", Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012
  • Group exhibitions

  • film+arc, Graz; Austria, 1997
  • Ostranenie 97, Dessau, Germany, 1997
  • Digital Graphic Art on Paper, Ljubljana Municipal Museum, 1999
  • Masters of Graphic Arts, Gyor, Hungary, 2001
  • Break 2.3, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
  • Territories, Identities, Nets, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
  • Device-art 2006,Kontejner Zagreb/Blasthaus San Francisco, 2006, Croatia/USA
  • 10th Cairo International Biennale, Cairo, Egypt, 2006/2007
  • Kiparstvo danes, Celje, Slovenia, 2010
  • Interruption - 30th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic art, Ljubljana, 2013
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