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Tenth Muse

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Created by  Darren G. Davis
Creator  Darren G. Davis
Alter ego  Emma Sonnet
Publisher  Bluewater Productions
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First appearance  10th Muse Volume #1 - from Image Comics
Similar  Tellos, A Distant Soil, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX, Wetworks

The tenth muse

The Tenth Muse (also The 10th Muse) is an independent superhero comic book series about a modern-day daughter of the Greek god Zeus. It was created in 2000 by Darren G. Davis and originally written by Marv Wolfman. Its debut issue was the sixth highest-selling comic in November 2000.


Several real-life models served as inspiration for the main character, starting with Rena Mero at launch, then later Cindy Margolis or Farrah Fawcett.

The property was optioned for a TV show in 2002. When asked about, Darren Davis told Nicholas Yanes of that "I would love to see this made. It would be the perfect vehicle for the CW if they did it right. I can see Katie Cassidy playing the 10th Muse. This one has a real chance of being made."


Lead character Emma Sonnet returns after disappearing eight years before, with no answers for former best friends Brett and Dawn about where she has been and how she has become the until-now unheard-of tenth sister of the mythological nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty Zeus.

The story involves a crossover with the Mike Weiringo comic book Tellos.


The original series started publication in November 2000, published by Image Comics. It was written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by various artists. It ran for nine issues until February 2002, followed by a collection and a few one-shots. It is now being self-published by creator Darren G. Davis at Bluewater Productions.

In 2005, the series was relaunched as The 10th Muse Volume 2 with a new #1 issue, starting publication in April from Alias Enterprises.

In 2009, a new personification of the character was released in a four-issue limited series called "Tenth Muse 800" set eight hundred years in the future. In this version of the series, the alter ego of "Emma Sonnet" was dropped and the heroic version of Lyxandra became the star. All four issues were written by Adam Gragg and penciled by Roman Morales III (Evil Ernie)

In 2010, there was a new series called "10th Muse: The Lost Issues", by Roger Cruz and Darren G. Davis. These are issues that were previously published as Tenth Muse: The Odyssey graphic novel and the second issue of Avatar's publishing (10th Muse V2) . Also in 2010, a graphic novel featuring 10th Muse with all her crossovers came out. The crossovers featured the 10th Muse and Shi, Savage Dragon, Tellos, Koni Waves and Ezra.


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