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Tentacles (film)

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Director  Ovidio G. Assonitis
Music director  Stelvio Cipriani
Country  Italy United States
3.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Language  English
Tentacles (film) movie poster
Release date  25 February 1977
Writer  Steven W. Carabatsos, Tito Carpi, Jerome Max
Screenplay  Tito Carpi, Steven W. Carabatsos, Jerome Max
Cast  John Huston (Ned Turner), Shelley Winters (Tillie Turner), Bo Hopkins (Will Gleason), Henry Fonda (Mr. Whitehead, President of Trojan Construction), Claude Akins (Sheriff Robards), Delia Boccardo (Vicky Gleason)
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Tagline  It's Turning the Beach ... Into a Buffet!

Tentacles 1 1 terrifying boat attack 1977 hd

Tentacles (Italian title: Tentacoli) is a 1977 Italian-American horror film directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis and starring John Huston, Shelley Winters, Bo Hopkins and Henry Fonda. Although the film was intended to cash in on the success of Jaws, Tentacles also bears numerous resemblances to the 1955 science fiction horror film It Came from Beneath the Sea.


Tentacles (film) movie scenes


Tentacles (film) movie scenes

Ocean Beach, a seaside tourist resort, has come under attack by a giant octopus, which captures and devours human swimmers and boaters, picking the skeletons clean of flesh and bone marrow. Marine expert Will Gleason (Hopkins) and crusading newspaper reporter Ned Turner (Huston) suspect the construction of an underwater tunnel by the Trojan company, owned by Mr. Whitehead (Fonda). Trojan has been using radio signals that have been "above regulated levels", somehow maddening the octopus and causing it to attack human beings. In the end, the octopus is killed by Gleason's pair of killer whales.


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  • John Huston as Ned Turner
  • Shelley Winters as Tillie Turner
  • Bo Hopkins as Will Gleason
  • Henry Fonda as Mr. Whitehead, President of Trojan Construction
  • Delia Boccardo as Vicky Gleason
  • Cesare Danova as John Corey
  • Claude Akins as Sheriff Robards
  • Alan Boyd as Mike
  • Sherry Buchanan as Judy
  • Franco Diogene as Chuck
  • Marc Fiorini as Don
  • Production

    Tentacles (film) Tentacles film Alchetron The Free Social Encyclopedia

    The film was produced to capitalize on the success of Steven Spielberg's Jaws.

    Tentacles (film) Film Review Tentacles 1977 HNN

    The film's score was done by Italian composer Stelvio Cipriani, who scored the similarly Jaws-inspired films The Great Alligator and Piranha II: The Spawning around the same time.


    Tentacles (film) Film Review Tentacles 1977 HNN

    It was released theatrically by American International Pictures in Italy on February 25, 1977, and in the United States on August 3, 1977.

    Tentacles (film) Apocalypse Later Tentacles 1977

    The film was released on DVD by MGM in 2005 as part of their Midnite Movies series. The disc was a double feature release, pairing the film with Empire of the Ants.

    Tentacles (film) BLACK HOLE REVIEWS TENTACLES 1977 suckered me thirty years ago

    The film grossed $3,000,000.


    Tentacles (film) Tentacles 11 Terrifying Boat Attack 1977 HD YouTube

    In a contemporary review, Variety noted that although "John Huston, Shelley Winters and Henry Fonda may bolster prospects", they "are all squandered in this one, thanks to a leaden script plus wooden direction by Oliver Hellman (who's also producer Ovidio Assonitiz)".


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