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Tennessee Nurses Association

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Full name  TNA
Affiliation  AFL-CIO
Founded  1905
Head union  Tennessee Nurses Association
Key people  Beth Smith, RN, President
Office location  Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Founded in 1905, the Tennessee State Nurses Association (TNA) is a professional organization representing nurses in the U.S. state of Tennessee. TNA is a constituent organization and affiliated with the American Nurses Association (ANA). TNA was formed in 1905 in a drive to regulate nursing practice. In 1907, the first introduced bill was defeated; and, in 1909 the second bill was again defeated. Finally, on February 14, 1911, TNA members lobbying throughout Tennessee, resulted in the first nurse practice act being written into law. Beth Smith is currently the President of the Association.


Primary mission

TNA, under the state practice act regulates nursing to protect the public from potentially unsafe nursing practice. This law creates definitions of professional nursing practice and regulates qualifications for education in order to practice nursing in Tennessee. It outlines criteria for nursing schools, which must be met for approval by the Board of Nursing. TNA works to update the nurse practice act and reflect current, evidence-based practice standards for registered nurses. TNA also serves as advocate for improving health standards. And, they track the quality and availability of health care throughout the state of Tennessee.

Tennessee Nurses Foundation

This foundation was established in 1982 to provide a mechanism for supporting programs that meet the special needs of TNA members and other nurses in Tennessee.

TNA Political Action Committee (PAC)

The TNA is a nonpartisan political action committee. The PAC's activities include educating and assisting nurses at all levels in political action, identifying and supporting nurse candidates for elected state office, raising funds, and interviewing and endorsing candidates for state office who are supportive of nursing issues, including practice and legislation.


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