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Country  Burkina Faso
Region  Centre-Est Region
Population  44,491 (2006)

Tenkodogo in the past, History of Tenkodogo

Map of Tenkodogo

Tenkodogo is the capital city of Boulgou Province and the Centre-Est Region of Burkina Faso with a population of 44,491 (2006).


Tenkodogo in the past, History of Tenkodogo

Funeral of naba saga tenkodogo burkina faso sept 2016

Hotel laafi tenkodogo gomissi burkina faso


Tenkodogo Tenkodogo Location Guide

Tenkodogo was the centre of a city state of the Mossi Empire that dates back to 1120. The name Tenkodogo is derived from the Moore words tenga, meaning land and kodogo, meaning old. The city was said to be founded by Ouedraogo, (son of Ghanaian princess Yennenga), the founder of the Mossi empire who landed in the area. Of his three sons, Diaba Lompo headed east to lay the foundations of Gourmanche, Rawa went north to found Zandoma but his youngest son Zoungrana stayed to assume the mantle of the town. According to tradition, there is a triple fork about 50 km from Tenkodogo symbolising the three paths. Tenkodogo Naba is considered to most important of the Mossi kings of the town.

Tenkodogo Tenkodogo Location Guide

While the political status of Tenkodogo was somewhat overshadowed by Zoungrana, in the 19th century it became an important rendezvous point for foreign powers discussing the French influence in Burkina Faso. After ousting Moro Naba from Ouagadougou, the French had designs on Tenkodogo but faced stiff opposition from the British captain Donald Stewart who had travelled up from Kumasi in present-day Ghana to represent his country on appeal of the fleeing Naba Wobgo who had been usurped by the French in the capital. Important discussions occurred between the French and the British on February 7, 1897.

Tenkodogo ChinonTenkodogo Burkina Faso

The discussion rather than being heated was said to be highly amicable. The French lieutenant Chanoine wrote in October 1897 that "The representative of England received us with great courtesy and luxury, a comfort of which we had lost all idea since our leaving France". At the conference in Tenkodogo it was agreed that the British would retreat the Mamprusi Kingdom 120 km further south in the Gold Coast but only if the French would do the same and retreat from Tenkodogo. However the agreement was far more beneficial to the French, who in succeeding in getting the British out of Burkina only saw their agreement as temporary and planned on making a swift return once the British had fully retreated. Chanoine was reported as to saying "We've done it. The English were immobile at Kumasi, waiting for the winter to pass to take occupation of Mossi and Gourounsi already taken by Binger, Crozat and Monteil. We have faith in our civilising mission, the certainty of working for the good of the land, and for the future of France".

Tenkodogo Tenkodogo Location Guide

On 29 January 2016, the king of Tenkodogo, Naba Saga, died while in Thailand for hospital care. He was the 28th king of Tenkodogo according to tradition and was inducted on 5 October 2001. He had taken the position after the death of his father, Naba Tigre, in September 2001. He was succeeded by Naba Guiguem-Pollé as king.



The villages surrounding Tenkodogo are primarily based around animal husbandry. The main market takes place every 3 days. The Restaurant Patisserie Salon du Thé is known for its tea, yoghurt and pastries. The Le Rotisseur restaurant is known for its grilled chicken. Notable hotels include Hotel Djamou, Hotel Djamou Annexe, Hotel Laafi, and Auberge Riale.


Tenkodogo ChinonTenkodogo Burkina Faso

The town is connected to Koupéla and Bittou, along the N15 highway.



Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies its climate as hot semi-arid (BSh) that closely borders with tropical wet and dry (Aw).

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