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Tengchong volcanic field

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Last eruption  5750 BCE
Elevation  2,865 m
Tengchong volcanic field

The Tengchong volcanic field is a volcanic field located in Baoshan City in Yunnan, China, about 40 km from the Chinese border with Myanmar. The volcanic field is iconic for its three largest extinct volcano cones named Dayingshan, Maa'nshan and Heikongshan, the highest of which reaches 2865 meters above sea level. Although the volcanoes themselves are extinct, several geothermal fields geographically linked to the Tengchong volcanic field are highly active. The volcanic field is located inside the Tengchong Volcanic Geothermal National Geological Park.`



The volcanic field is located in China but geographically more closely related to Southeast Asia's volcano zones. It started to form during the The volcanic field consists of, in addition to the three largest volcanoes, between 65 and 97 other smaller volcanoes, all of which are pyroclastic cones. Around 25 of these still bear recognizable craters and cones. All of the volcanoes are thought to be dormant or extinct and formed during the Quaternary period; the three largest are from the Holocene. In addition, several geothermal fields are scattered across Tengchong county and are deemed to be part of the volcanic field; they are also part of the Tengchong Volcanic Geothermal National Geological Park.

5750 BCE

This was the last confirmed large-scale eruption of the Tengchong volcanic field. It produced basaltic and andesitic lavas.

1609 CE

A possible explosive eruption may have occurred at this time as well as an earthquake swarm, though reports are few and uncertain.

Tengchong Volcanic Geothermal National Geological Park

The Tengchong Volcanic Geothermal National Geological Park (腾冲地热火山国家公园) is a national park in China that features the Tengchong volcanic field and several of its other features. The park's main entrance is situated at the base of the three largest extinct volcanic cones (all of which are in close proximity with each other). The volcanoes are covered in vegetation and visitors can take hiking trails up to their summits. There is also a geologic museum situated near the main entrance. Another volcanic feature, the Rehai geothermal field, is the central tourist attraction of the park. It features hot springs, fumaroles, geysers, and extensive limestone terraces as well as hiking paths with views of the features.


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