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Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission

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Director  Ferdinando Baldi
Music director  Elio Polizzi
Country  North KoreaItaly
3.7/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Drama, Thriller
Screenplay  Ferdinando Baldi
Writer  Ferdinando Baldi
Language  English
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Release date  1988 (1988)
Cast  Frank Zagarino (Lou), Mark Gregory (Jason), Romano Kristoff (Ricky), Jinny Rockers, Sabrina Siani (Glenda), Charles Borromel
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Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission (aka Missione Finale) is a 1988 North Korean-Italian science fiction action film directed by Ferdinando Baldi and Pak Jong-ju under the pseudonym "Ted Kaplan". The spy film was made in English language, and shot in North Korea using Western actors. The film portrays North Korea as a kind of futuristic society, a decision which Baldi later explained as "a conscious avoidance of reality".


Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission Ten Zan The Ultimate Mission 1988 Italian North Korean co

Ten Zan was one of eight North Korean films to be shown at the Udine Festival of Far East Film in 2000. In a report of these screenings for Asiaweek, Richard James Havis regarded the film as "truly lamentable", saying: "The acting is worse than that of the propaganda movies, as is the plot."

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The name Ten Zan is a reference to the last Japanese stronghold on Iwo Jima, which was called Devil's Peak by the American soldiers trying to capture the island during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

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Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission Ten Zan The Ultimate Mission Bilder Cinemade

A group of known troublemakers are working on experiments in the Far East. They have discovered a substance that penetrates human cells, and makes changes to chromosomes and genes. These experiments are carried out on young girls who are abducted from the local villages. They are brought to the "Center", which is heavily guarded by mercenaries. The leader of the scientists is an avid biologist, Professor Larson, who dreams of breeding a master race to rule the world. The scientific organizations in Asia and Europe are aware of these experiments and decide to do something about them. A group of ex-commando fighters are used, who have never failed so far. But it remains to be seen if this mission is to succeed.


Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission Ten Zan The Ultimate Mission Bilder Cinemade

  • Lou Mamet (Frank Zagarino): a mercenary-for-hire, from Mattituck, Long Island, he is contracted through FSR (Final Solution Research); an organization that contacts commandos to deals with problem too delicate to be handled through official government channels.
  • Jason (Mark Gregory): the military leader of the mercenaries responsible for the attacks and kidnappings.
  • Ricky (Romano Kristoff): a middle-man for FSR, he is hired by Professor Larson to commission the FSR to end the illegal trafficking of woman, which in turn hires Lou Mamet. Credited as Rom Kristoff.
  • Mavi (Kim Follet): the younger sister of Ricky, and love interest for Mamet.
  • Glenda (Sabrina Siani): assistant and lover of Jason. Credited as Sabrina Syan.
  • Professor Larson (Charles Robert Jenkins): Lithuanian professor of the University of Vilna, who works to breed a master race.

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