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Ten Conditions of Bai'at

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Ten Conditions of Bai'at

The Ten Conditions of Bai'at is a list of ten conditions required for a person wishing to become an Ahmadi Muslim, as stipulated by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement in Islam. About six years after he had claimed to be divinely commissioned for the renewal of Islam, he announced that God had instructed him to take a pledge of allegiance from his supporters and published 10 conditions of initiation for all who wished to join him with a covenant of allegiance. The first such initiation took place in 1889 at Ludhiana, when forty of his companions pledged their allegiance to him. The occasion was a simple one where the initiate held the right hand of Ghulam Ahmad, repented of their sins, solemnly promised to give precedence to faith above all worldly considerations and to abide by the ten conditions.


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