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Active until  1996
Genre  Goth/industrial
Active from  1990
Albums  Black Suburbia
Members  Giorgio Ricci, Paolo Favati, Pietro Zanetti, Michele Benetello
Similar  Swamp Terrorists, Pankow, Cubanate, Hate Dept, Clock DVA

Templebeat was an Italian industrial rock band.


Templebeat began their activity in 1990. The tape compilation "Tribute to PTV" powered by T.O.P.Y.TV (Italian semi-official branch of Thee Temple ov Psychic Youth) contained their remake of "Ov Power", de-constructed in a hardbeat way. 1991: TB won the prestigious festival contest "Arezzo Wave" and consequently had their song "Fuckin' Mosquito" included on the double LP/CD "Arezzo Wave 1991" released by Polygram records. Their gig in Arezzo was recorded, filmed and entirely broadcast by the TV music channel "VideoMusic".

At the end of 1991 TB issued a 3 tracks EP on 12" entitled "Auto Da Fe'". This genuinely produced and marketed 12" sold 1,100 copies in Italy alone and only a few copies found their way to other European countries or overseas.

The unexpected success of this first release helped the band to get their first deal with DUNE Records, the Contempo manufactured label of Pankow's Paolo Favati - certainly the most acclaimed producer for electronic music in Italy. The result "Wargasm" - a 6 track CD-Single entirely produced by Paolo F. and FM of Pankow quickly turned out to be another successful step. The single was distributed throughout the world and topped Electro charts in Germany (Technoclub), England (Hardclub, Eurobeat 2000) and especially Scandinavia. "Einstein On The Beach" a track from "Wargasm" - became a video clip that got heavy rotation on Videomusic and 3 appearances on MTV's 120 Minutes.

Although several interesting offers came in from labels all around Europe, the band refused all approaches in order to concentrate on the work for their first full album, again produced by Paolo Favati and his production company Dune. While working on "Black Suburbia" (The title of the album), offers started to come in for live-appearances in Europe and the band joined Pankow on their very last tour 1992/93. Templebeat's concert in Prague has subsequently been filmed and broadcast on MTV's "120 Minutes" alongside an interview with the band.

As an immediate result of their TV appearance (4/93) earlier contacts with foreign labels have been renewed and new offers for record deals started flooding in.

In November 1993 finally, Dune and Templebeat decided to assign all national and international rights on the band to Audioglobe's Sub/Mission label.

"Black Suburbia" the band's first album was licensed worldwide to Noise/Machinery records in Berlin and appeared in June 1994. Two singles "Heidi S." and "Interzone" quickly became real dancefloor and headbanger classics in the German and American club scenes, and "Black Suburbia" has been successfully launched onto the American market in February 1995.

Discography and tapeography


"Ov Power" in Tribute to Ptv (TOPY TV Italy, 1990)

"Xperience" in Xybernethnix (TOPY TV Italy, 1991)

"Hide and seek" in From thelematics to telepathics (TOPY TV Italy, 1992)


Auto Da Fe' 12" (1991) :TB Records

Wargasm CDS (1992) :Dune Records: DUNE920D107

1. Einstein On The Beach (Rapemix) 2. Einstein On The Beach (Ravemix) 3. I Wanna Be An Erotic Cult Hero 4. Einstein On The Beach (Ragemix) 5. Einstein On The Beach (Raremix)

Heidi S. CDS (5/1994) : Dynamica: DY 4-

1. Heidi S. (Lassigue Bendthaus Mix) 2. Metal 2 (Bruce Lee Version) 3. Heidi S. (Extendermix) 4. Wet Dreams Are Made Of This

Black Suburbia (6/1994) :Sub/Mission: WHIP006cd

1. We 2. Metal 2: Money Or Sex 3. Interzone. 3. Interzone. 4. Softly September 5. Heidi S. 6. Message 4 7. Trans 8. She's Lost Control 9. God Sent 10. Einstein On The Bitch 11. Intolerance 12. Message 2 13. Fight 14. Message 1 15. Human (the tears you cry) 16. Message

Interzone CDS (10/1994) :Dynamica: DY 12-3

1. Interzone (Reversed Mix) 2. Human Foolish Rape 3. Interzone (Album Mix) 4. Interspeed

Wicked CDS (11/1995) :Sub/Mission: WHIP021cd

1. Wicked (Pulp Version) 2. Magic Patrol (The Final Chapter?) 3. I Wanna Be An Erotic Cult Hero ('96 Remix) 4. You Spin Me Round (Minimal Version)

Mediasickness (1996) :Sub/Mission: WHIP022cd

1. World In Motion (Intro) 2. Magic Patrol 3. Wicked (Wicked Mix) 4. The Brain Cult Of Macho Irony 5. OB 1 6. Liberace 7. You Spin Me Round 8. Gone With The Mind 9. OB 2.1 10. Just Ice (Slow) 11. OB 2.1 12. World In Motion (Full) 13. Baby Amphetamine 14. Each Man Kills The Things He Loves


  • Auto Da Fe 12" (1991)
  • Wargasm (EP, 1992)
  • Black Suburbia (LP, 1994, Dynamica-under license from Sub/Mission)
  • Heidi S. (1994, Dynamica-under license from Sub/Mission)
  • Interzone (1994, Dynamica-under license from Sub/Mission)
  • Wicked (1995, Sub/Mission)
  • Mediasickness (1996, [Sub/Mission - licensed to [21st Circuitry] for the US only)
  • The Grey Space (Compilation,Remastered,2010,Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1035 )
  • Songs

    Softly SeptemberBlack Suburbia · 1994
    Einstein on the BitchBlack Suburbia · 1994
    The Brain Cult of Macho Irony1996


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