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Telmen Lake

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Location  Zavkhan Province
Max. length  28 km (17 mi)
Surface area  194 km (75 sq mi)
Surface elevation  1,789 m
Volume  2.671 km³
Basin countries  Mongolia
Max. width  16 km (9.9 mi)
Max. depth  27 m (89 ft)
Area  194 km²
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Telmen Lake (Mongolian: Тэлмэн нуур) is a saltwater lake in Zavkhan, Mongolia. Three islands are located in the lake, which is a gathering point for migratory birds. The water salinity is 6.49-7.61‰.

Map of Telmen Lake, Mongolia

Average temperature ranges from -32 oC in January to 12 oC in July. From 6,210 to 3,960 years ago, as determined by radiocarbon dating, Lake Telmen was between 15 and 20m shallower than it is at present.


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