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Television Kanagawa

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Branding  tvk
First air date  April 1, 1972
Founded  1972
Affiliations  Independent
Call letters' meaning  JO Kanagawa Media
Affiliation  Independent station
Television Kanagawa httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons11
Channels  Digital: 18 (UHF - LCN 3)
Owner  Television Kanagawa, Inc.
TV shows  Neko zamurai, Dragon Crisis!, Panty & Stocking with Gart, Blassreiter, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue

Last shot of japanese analog tv episode 45 tv kanagawa

TV Kanagawa (テレビ神奈川, Terebi Kanagawa) (tvk for short) is an independent television station in Japan serving Kanagawa Prefecture and parts of the Greater Tokyo Area with favorable reception. The station was founded on April 20, 1971 and began broadcasting on April 1, 1972. Its call sign is JOKM-TV (JOKM-DTV digital) and occupies channel 42 on the airwaves.


The station is a member of the Japanese Association of Independent Television Stations.


  • Analog: Channel 42
  • Digital: Channel 18 (Remote controller ID 3)
  • Programming

    As an independent station, tvk's programming consists mostly of local information, alternative music (some of whose musicians continue to appear on tvk, even after mainstream success), local sports, educational programmes, and anime.

  • Ito Masanori no Rock City
  • Anime Programs

    With the glut of production of anime since the late 1990s, many short cycle (3-6 month) series have come to find their broadcast niche in independent UHF stations. tvk is one of the most prominent of those stations in this market. If it's a UHF-niche anime show, then it is most likely aired on tvk.


    Television Kanagawa Wikipedia

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