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Telephone numbers in Finland

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Country  Finland
Regulator  Ficora
NSN length  5 to 12
Continent  Europe
Type  Open
Country calling code  +358

Both Finland and the Ã…land Islands share the same country code.


Finland's numbering plan was reorganised in 1996, with the number of area codes being reduced, and the trunk code being changed from 9 to 0. This meant that the area code for Helsinki also changed:

The default international access code became 00, although other prefixes such as 99 can be also used.

Mobile numbers

Finnish mobile numbers start with 04x, 0457 or 050. The format for mobile telephone numbers is 04x 123 45 67 or 0457 123 45 67 or 050 123 45 67. When called from a different country, the format is + 358 4x 123 45 67 or + 358 50 123 45 67. Most commonly 7 digits are used for subscriber number, with normal range being from 4 to 8 digits.

The first three digits previously indicated the mobile operator but mobile number portability has been implemented and any prefix can now be associated with any operator, 040 (was owned by TeliaSonera) and 050 (was owned by Elisa, formerly Radiolinja) are most common prefixes. 042 and 045 0 were also owned by TeliaSonera, whereas 046 was owned by Elisa. Other major networks are DNA Finland (using then 041, 044 and other numbers in the 045 range) and Saunalahti (using numbers in the 045 range). Former operator codes include 043, which was used in DCS "city phones". Some of these may still be in use. The former NMT network numbers used operator code 049. Most NMT numbers were transferred to GSM numbers with format 04x0 123 456 or 0500 123 456, as there were only 6 subscriber numbers in NMT numbers.

The area code for fixed landline subscriptions in Kymi is 05, and should not be confused with mobile numbers starting with 050.

Regular expression

A Finnish phone number can be validated with following regular expressions.

1. Strict, allow only those defined by Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Viestintävirasto) and disallow service numbers.



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