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Tele Bim Bam

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Tele bim bam voras

Tele Bim-Bam was a Lithuanian musical TV show for children and now children's singing group. The founder and long-time leader is Neringa Čereškevičienė.


The musical group was founded in 1990. The first telecasts of the TV show are dated by January 1, 1990. Initially it was a monthly show for talented children, then it became a biweekly one, accumulating 313 hours of air time to its 20th anniversary.

Currently Neringa operates a kindergarten and aesthetic education center with the same name, Tele Bim-Bam in Vilnius.

Durung over 20 years of the existence of the group over 70 children participated in it and the repertoire includes over 80 songs. Nearly all songs are for solo performance.

Telebimbam do re mi

Notable songs

Most popular songs of the group, popular both among children and grown-ups, include „Mane barė“, „Voras“, „Televizorius“, „Baltoji varnelė“, „Naktelės žiedai“, „Musė“ , „Pupa“, „Laivelis“, „Mamos suknelė“ „Jolantėlė“ „Kelionė pas pabaisą“, „Dantukas“, „Mes kitokie“, „Kiški piški“, „Motociklas“, etc.

In 2005 the song Pupa performed by Tele Bim-Bam took 4th place in the Lithuanian national finals for Eurovision song contest.

Rūta Pentiokinaitė and Merūnas Vitulskis earned the 2nd place in the 16th installation (season 5) of Žvaigždžių duetai (Lithuanian verision of Celebrity Duets) with the song "Dvi draugės" ("Two Girl Friends") of Tele Bim-Bam. The couple had eventually won the 5th season of the show performing this song in the second round of the finals.


Actress, singer, songwriter and performer Gabriele Malinauskaitė was born on 21 August 1986 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Gabriele was singing in Tele Bim-Bam group, hosted the Tele Bim-Bam show segment for girls „Girls', acted in various episodes of the show, and performed the role of Butterfly in the rock opera Voro vestuvės (The Spider’s Wedding, by the classic Lithuanian poem of Justinas Marcinkevičius with the same name, released for the 18th anniversary of the group) of Tele Bim-Bam.

Not all participants of Tele Bim-Bam continued to pursue musical careers, but some did.


  • Tele Bim- Bam Telebimbadienis, CD ASIN: B00D8EH97W
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  • DVD TELE BIM-BAM "Visų laikų geriausi Tele Bim-Bam Videoklipai II dalis", EAN: 4771243131757
  • Books

  • 2000: Tele Bim-Bam Daunų Knyga (Tele Bim-Bam song book), ISBN 9986-87-937-X).
  • 2015: Tele Bim-Bam Pasakos. O kas gi liko? (Tele Bim-Bam Fairy Tales: And What was Left?) ISBN 9786099577609
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