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Telangana Legislative Assembly

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Lower house


Telangana Legislative Assembly

Madhusudhana Chary, TRS Since Jun 11, 2014

Deputy Speaker
Padma Devender Reddy, TRS Since June 12, 2014

Leader of the House
K. Chandrasekhar Rao, TRS Since Jun 1, 2014

Leader of the Opposition
K Jana Reddy, INC Since Jun 3, 2014

The Telangana Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the Telangana Legislature. The Legislative Assembly of Telangana currently consists of 119 elected members and one nominated member from the Anglo-Indian community. The current Speaker of the Assembly is Madhusudhana Chary of TRS.


The members of the Vidhana Sabha are directly elected by people through adult franchise.

Each constituency elects one member of the assembly. Members are popularly known as M.L.A's. The assembly is elected using the simple plurality or "first past the post" electoral system. The elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India.

The normal term of the members lasts for five years. In case of death, resignation or disqualification of a member, a by-election is conducted for constituency represented by the member. The party which wins the most seats becomes the ruling party.

Designations and Present Members

The present state assembly is the First Legislative Assembly of Telangana State

List of members

The following is the list of members in the assembly who were elected in the Telangana Legislative Assembly election, 2014

Elvis Stephenson is a nominated MLA.


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