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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Rissooidea
Scientific name  Teinostoma
Rank  Genus
Class  Gastropoda
Family  Tornidae
Phylum  Mollusca
Similar  Tornidae, Vitrinella, Melanella, Rissoina, Turbonilla

Teinostoma is a genus of minute sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks or micromollusks in the family Tornidae.


This genus used to be placed within the family Skeneidae.

Shell description

The shells of species in this genus are usually white and glossy, are transparent when fresh, and are only a few millimeters in maximum size.


This genus includes the following species:

Species brought into synonymy
  • Teinostoma bartschi Vanatta, 1913 synonym of Solariorbis infracarinatus (Gabb, 1881)
  • Teinostoma clavium Pilsbry & McGinty, 1945: synonym of Teinostoma semistriatum (d'Orbigny, 1842)
  • Teinostoma dalli Dautzenberg, 1912 : synonym of Leucorhynchia punctata (Jousseaume, 1872)
  • Teinostoma emmeles Melvill, 1910: synonym of Eunaticina emmeles (Melvill, 1910)
  • Teinostoma floridense (Dall, 1927): synonym of Cirsonella floridensis (Dall, 1927)
  • Teinostoma funiculus Dall, 1892 synonym of Vitrinella funiculus (Dall, 1892)
  • Teinostoma hondurasensis Vanatta, 1913 synonym of Solariorbis hondurasensis (Vanatta, 1913)
  • Teinostoma millepunctatum Nowell-Usticke, 1969 synonym of Teinostoma ciskae Faber, 1995
  • Teinostoma modesta Dall, 1889: synonym of Dillwynella modesta (Dall, 1889)
  • Teinostoma opsitelotus Dall, 1892 † synonym of Vitrinella opsitelotus (Dall, 1892) †
  • Teinostoma pilsbryi McGinty, 1945 synonym of Anticlimax pilsbryi (McGinty, 1945)
  • Teinostoma proboscidea Aguayo, 1949 synonym of Anticlimax proboscidea (Aguayo, 1949)
  • Teinostoma punctatum Jousseaume, 1872: synonym of Leucorhynchia punctata (Jousseaume, 1872)
  • Teinostoma salvania Dall, 1919 synonym of Vitrinella eshnaurae Bartsch, 1907
  • Teinostoma sulcata [sic] : synonym of Pygmaeorota sulcata (A. Adams, 1850)
  • Teinostoma schumoi Vanatta, 1913 synonym ofs Solariorbis schumoi (Vanatta, 1913)
  • Teinostoma suppressa Dall, 1889 synonym of Cyclostremiscus suppressus (Dall, 1889)
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