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Teign Valley Group

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Type  Group
Region  England
Primary  Mudstone
Underlies  Holsworthy Group
Thickness  100 to 720m
Country  United Kingdom
Overlies  Exmoor Group
Unit of  Culm Measures
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Sub-units  Barras Nose Formation, Trambley Cove Formation, Teign Chert Formation, Dowhills Mudstone Formation, Boscastle Formation
Other  cherts, sandstones, limestones, basaltic lavas, tuffs

The Teign Valley Group is a late Devonian to late/middle Carboniferous lithostratigraphic group (a sequence of rock strata) in north Cornwall through Devon and into west Somerset in southwest England. The name is derived from the valley of the River Teign. The Group comprises (in ascending order i.e. oldest first) the Barras Nose, Trambley Cove, Teign Chert and Dowhills Mudstone formations. It was formerly known as the Lower Culm Group or Lower Culm Measures.


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