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Teflic acid

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Formula  HF5OTe
Melting point  39.1 °C
Boiling point  59.7 °C
Appearance  colorless solid
Teflic acid

Teflic acid is the chemical compound with the formula HOTeF5. This strong acid is related to orthotelluric acid, Te(OH)6. Teflic acid has octahedral geometry and, Ignoring its bent Te-O-H bond, has point group symmetry C4v.



Teflic acid can be prepared from barium tellurate and fluorosulfonic acid:

5HOSO2F + BaO2Te(OH)4 → HOTeF5 + 4 H2SO4 + BaSO4

It is also the first hydrolysis product of tellurium hexafluoride:

TeF6 + H2O → HOTeF5 + HF


The conjugate base of teflic acid is called the teflate anion, F5TeO (not to be confused with triflate). Many teflates are known, examples being B(OTeF5)3 and the acid anhydride O(TeF5)2. Pyrolysis of the boron compound gives the dimer (TeF4O)2

2 B(OTeF5)3 → 2 B(OTeF5)2F + (OTeF4)2

The teflate anion is known to resist oxidation. This property has allowed the preparation several highly unusual species such as the hexateflates M(OTeF5)6 (M = As, Sb, Bi). Xenon forms the cation Xe(OTeF5)+,


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