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Teenage Superstar

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Released  September 4, 2003
Recorded  2003
Length  3:09
Format  CD single
Genre  Pop rock, teen pop
Label  CMM Records

"Teenage Superstar" is the debut single of Dutch pop rock music singer Kim-Lian.



The song was released on September 4, 2003 as the first single of her debut album Balance. It reached the top of the charts in Indonesia and ended on number five in the Netherlands.

Track listing

CD single (Netherlands, Belgium)
  1. "Teenage Superstar" [Radio Edit]
  2. "Teenage Superstar" [B.T.S.Y. Mix]
  3. "Teenage Superstar" [Enhanced Video]
  4. "Superstar in Sweden" [Enhanced Video]
CD single (Sweden)
  1. "Teenage Superstar" [Album Version]
  2. "Teenage Superstar" [B.T.S.Y. Mix]

Music video

The video was shot in a German carnival park, where Kim-Lian and her friends turn the park upside down. Throughout the scenes, Kim-Lian is shot in a big coupe singing with her band. The music couldn't be very loud in that coupe because the echo was too loud. It was released April 4, 2005.

Belinda - Boba Niña Nice (Spanish Cover)

"Boba Niña Nice" is the second single of Mexican pop/rock singer Belinda from her self-titled debut studio album Belinda.


The song was written by Daniel Gibson and Jörgen Ringqvist; adapted by Belinda, co-adapted and produced by Mauri Stern. It is a Spanish version of "Teenage Superstar" by Dutch singer Kim-Lian.

Track listing

Mexican CD Single/Promo
  1. Boba Niña Nice

Music video

The music video was directed by Victor González and released in December 2003. It starts with scenes of Belinda singing the song with a band on a building, these scenes are shown largely throughout the video. Later Belinda is shown walking with a group of friends and singing the song to a guy with a friend while sitting on a car.

The video continues with scenes of people skateboarding and biking, scenes of Belinda singing the song with different outfits, choreography and a dance battle.

Other Cover versions

The song has been covered by Japanese singer Nami Tamaki ("High School Queen"), Mexican singer Belinda ("Boba Niña Nice"), Portuguese group D'ZRT ("Para mim tanto me faz"), Spanish group Efecto Mariposa ("Que más da"), Polish Czech singer Ewa Farna ("Měls mě vůbec rád" and "Razem sam na sam") and Korean singer MI:NE Cho Min Hye ("Teenage Superstar").


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