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Teenage Exorcist

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Director  Grant Austin Waldman
5/10 IMDb

Genres  Horror, Teen film
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Release date  February 23, 1994
Writer  Fred Olen Ray (story), Brinke Stevens (screenplay)
Screenplay by  Fred Olen Ray, Brinke Stevens, Ted Newsom
Cast  Brinke Stevens (Dianne), Eddie Deezen (Eddie), Robert Quarry (Father McFerrin), Jay Richardson (Mike), Tom Shell (Jeff), Oliver Darrow (Demon)
Similar movies  Grace, Asmodexia, The Exorcist, Exorcist II: The Heretic, Exorcist: The Beginning, Satan
Tagline  If the pizza isn't here in 20 minutes or less... his soul is ours for free!

Teenage exorcist 1991 essa mulher e o demonio

Teenage Exorcist is a 1991 American comedy horror film directed by Grant Austin Waldman and written by Brinke Stevens from a story by Fred Olen Ray. The film stars Stevens, Eddie Deezen and Robert Quarry. Though the film was shot in 1991, Teenage Exorcist was not released on video until 1994.



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Plot synopsis

Teenage Exorcist 1991

Diane (Brinke Stevens), a prim and proper college grad student, rents a spooky old house from a creepy realtor (Michael Berryman). Unfortunately for Diane, an ancient demon (Oliver Darrow) resides in her basement and she's quickly possessed by the spirits of the house, turning her into a leather-clad, chainsaw-wielding succubus. When Diane's sister Sally (Elena Sahagun), Sally's brother-in-law Mike (Jay Richardson) and Diane's boyfriend Jeff (Tom Shell) come to visit only to be attacked by her demonic incarnation, they summon a priest, Father McFerrin (Robert Quarry), to handle the situation. Failing that, Father McFerrin attempts to call an exorcist, only to dial the wrong number and unwittingly place an order at the local pizza parlor. When the pizza delivery boy (Eddie Deezen) arrives at the house, it's up to him and the rest of the gang to destroy the demon and stop his nefarious scheme.


Poster for Teenage Exorcist 1991 USA Wrong Side of the Art
  • Brinke Stevens as Diane
  • Eddie Deezen as Eddie
  • Oliver Darrow as The Demon
  • Jay Richardson as Mike
  • Tom Shell as Jeff
  • Elena Sahagun as Sally
  • Robert Quarry as Father McFerrin
  • Kathryn Kates as Maid
  • Michael Berryman as Herman
  • Reception

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    Critical reception to Teenage Exorcist was primarily negative, though it has received mixed praise from cult film audiences. Legendary film critic Joe Bob Briggs, though giving the film only 1 star, was amused by the film's low-brow humor and Brinke Stevens' revealing costumes, awarding it with his catchphrase "Joe Bob says check it out". Allmovie gave the movie a rating of two stars out of five without a written review.

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