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Teen Sau Din Ke Baad

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Genre  Adventure
Language  Hindi
Director  Sarvottam Badami
Music director  Anil Biswas
Country  India
Teen Sau Din Ke Baad movie poster
Release date  1938
Writer  Babubhai A. Mehta, Wajahat Mirza (dialogue), Waqif
Cast  Motilal, Pessi Patel, Yakub Khan Mehboob Khan, Yusuf
Screenplay  Wajahat Mirza, Babubhai Mehta, Waqif
Similar movies  Gunga Jumna (1961), Mughal-E-Azam (1960), Jawani (1942), Motilal appears in Teen Sau Din Ke Baad and Leader, Chanda Aur Bijli (1969)

Teen Sau Din Ke Baad (300 days & After) is a 1938 Hindi social comedy film directed by Sarvottam Badami. This was Badami's first comedy film and it was a success at the box-office; he went on to direct two more comedies after this, Aap Ki Marzi (1939) and Ladies Only (1939), also successes. The film was produced by Sagar Movietone, with story written by Babubhai A. Mehta and dialogue by Wajahat Mirza and Waqif. The music was composed by Anil Biswas with lyrics by Zia Sarhadi. The director of photography was Faredoon Irani and the film starred Bibbo, Motilal, Sabita Devi, Yakub, Pesi Patel and Gulzar.


The film had Motilal playing the role of "a young bored millionaire", who due to his intemperate life-style starts falling ill. He bets with his doctor that he can go out in the world and manage to exist without his wealth.


Sudhir (Motilal), a young millionaire is leading a dissipated life indulging in drinks, gambling and women due to sheer boredom. His health starts fading and after one such bout he faints. The doctor admonishes him regarding his life-style. He advises him against his fast life and suggests that he take to some physical labour, which the doctor is sure Sudhir will not be able to do. Sudhir takes up the challenge and decides to give up his home for three hundred days and live without using his wealth. He sets out into the world with nothing in his pocket. The challenges he faces and how he overcomes them are interspersed with a lot of humour and hard work as he tries to make a living. He finally ends up working in a soap factory where he falls in love with the typist Sharda (Sabita Devi). The boss Lakshmidas has a wife Ramola (Bibbo), who is attracted to Sudhir. When the boss faces problems with the factory, Sudhir anonymously sends money to help him out. Eventually the three hundred days are over, Sudhir now a healthy young man has won his bet with the doctor and a wife for himself.


  • Sabita Devi as Sharda
  • Motilal as Sudhir
  • Bibbo
  • Yakub
  • Sankatha Prasad
  • Pesi Patel
  • Pande
  • Gulzar
  • Yusuf
  • Waskar
  • Rukmini
  • Piroj Wadkar
  • Music

    The music was composed by Anil Biswas and had lyrics written by Zia Sarhadi. Songs like "Ghar Apna Yeh Kursi Apni" and "Ik tum Na Hui Toh Kya Hua" became extremely popular. There were nine songs in the film and the singers were Bibbo, Sabita Devi and Motilal.


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