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Teddy Award 30th TEDDY AWARD ticket presale has begun teddyaward

Ceremony date  February 17, 2017, 12:00 PM PST
Winners  Sebastián LelioA Fantastic Woman, Sebastián Lelio, Best Feature Film, Best Feature Film, Monika Treut, Monika Treut, Special Teddy Award, Special Teddy Award, Naoko OgigamiKarera ga Honki de Amu toki wa, Naoko Ogigami, Jury Award, Jury Award, Huang Hui-chenSmall Talk, Huang Hui-chen, Best Documentary, Best Documentary, Lia Kim HietalaMin Homosyster, Lia Kim Hietala, Best Short Film, Best Short Film, Francis LeeGod's Own Country, Francis Lee, Männer Reader Jury Award, Männer Reader Jury Award, Händl KlausTomcat, Händl Klaus, Best Feature Film, Best Feature Film, Christine Vachon, Christine Vachon, Special Teddy Award, Special Teddy Award, Álex AnwandterYou'll Never Be Alone, Álex Anwandter, Jury Award, Jury Award, Sara JordenöKiki, Sara Jordenö, Best Documentary, Best Documentary, Joanna RytelMoms On Fire, Joanna Rytel, Best Short Film, Best Short Film, Olivier DucastelParis 05:59: Théo & Hugo, Olivier Ducastel, Audience Award, Audience Award, Jacques MartineauParis 05:59: Théo & Hugo, Jacques Martineau, Audience Award, Audience Award, Anna MuylaertDon't Call Me Son, Anna Muylaert, Männer Reader Jury Award, Männer Reader Jury Award, Sebastián SilvaNasty Baby, Sebastián Silva, Best Feature Film, Best Feature Film, Udo Kier, Udo Kier, Special Teddy Award, Special Teddy Award, Jim ChuchuStories of Our Lives, Jim Chuchu, Jury Award, Jury Award, Aldo GarayThe New Man, Aldo Garay, Best Documentary, Best Documentary, Omar ZunigaSan Cristóbal, Omar Zuniga, Best Short Film, Best Short Film, Martha Tholanah, Martha Tholanah, David Kato Voice and Vision Award, David Kato Voice and Vision Award, Tso-chi ChangThanatos - Drunk, Tso-chi Chang, Siegessäule Readers Award, Siegessäule Readers Award, Daniel RibeiroThe Way He Looks, Daniel Ribeiro, Best Feature Film, Best Feature Film, Rosa von Praunheim, Rosa von Praunheim, Special Teddy Award, Special Teddy Award, Elfi Mikesch, Elfi Mikesch, Special Teddy Award, Special Teddy Award, Bruce LaBrucePierrot Lunaire, Bruce LaBruce, Jury Award, Jury Award, Stefan HauptThe Circle, Stefan Haupt, Best Documentary, Best Documentary, Roy DibMondial 2010, Roy Dib, Best Short Film, Best Short Film, Sophie Hyde52 Tuesdays, Sophie Hyde, Siegessäule Readers Award, Siegessäule Readers Award, Małgorzata SzumowskaIn the Name Of, Małgorzata Szumowska, Best Feature Film, Best Feature Film, STEPS for the Future, STEPS for the Future, Special Teddy Award, Special Teddy Award, Stacie PassonConcussion, Stacie Passon, Jury Award, Jury Award, Sébastien LifshitzBambi, Sébastien Lifshitz, Best Documentary, Best Documentary, Victor LindgrenUndress Me, Victor Lindgren, Best Short Film, Best Short Film, Małgorzata SzumowskaIn the Name Of, Małgorzata Szumowska, Siegessäule Readers Award, Siegessäule Readers Award

Teddy award best documentary 2013 goes to bambi

The Teddy Award is an international film award for films with LGBT topics, presented by an independent jury as an official award of the Berlin International Film Festival (the Berlinale). Here, an "independent jury" implies that its members are not officially selected by the committee of the Berlinale. In the most part, the jury consists of organisers of gay and lesbian film festivals, who view films screened in all sections of the Berlinale. Subsequently, a list of films meeting criteria for LGBT content is selected by the jury, and a 3,000-Euro Teddy is awarded to a feature film, a short film and a documentary. The award was first given in 1987.


Teddy Award Berlin 2016 Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Teddy Award for

At the 66th Berlin International Film Festival in 2016, a dedicated "Teddy30" lineup of classic LGBT-related films was screened as a full program of the festival to celebrate the award's 30th anniversary.

Teddy Award Film Submissions for the 28th TEDDY AWARD teddyaward

Rufus wainwright teddy award 2013


Teddy Award TEDDY AWARD teddyaward

In 1987 German filmmakers Wieland Speck and Manfred Salzgeber formed a jury called the International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Association (IGLFFA) to create an award for LGBT films.

Teddy Award Ira Sachs Pictures Teddy Awards 62nd Berlinale International Film

The first Teddy Award was given to Pedro Almodóvar for his film La ley del deseo, which featured Antonio Banderas.

Teddy Award TEDDY AWARD Statue TEDDY AWARD amp Flughafen Tempelhof TEDDY AWARD

1990 was the first bigger festival in the LGBT centrum SchwuZ in Berlin with around 400 guests. The evening was organized from BeV StroganoV and workers of the bookstore Eisenherz in Berlin. In 1992 the award was officially made part of the Berlin International Film Festival. In 1997 TEDDY e.V., a non-profit organisation was founded, which lobbied the award.


There are three main categories in which the award is given:

  • feature film
  • documentary
  • short film

  • Teddy Award Teddy Award The official queer award at the Berlin International

    One additional film is singled out for a Jury Award. A Special Award is commonly given for a distinguished achievement in LGBT cinema, such as a career lifetime achievement as a director or performer, or for a person's role in a project of significance to the history of LGBT cinema.

    Teddy Award Teddy Overview Risk amp Insurance Risk amp Insurance

    The German LGBT magazine Siegessäule formerly sponsored an award which was given to a film selected by a panel of the magazine's readers. This was discontinued after 2012, but was reinstituted in 2016 under the new sponsorship of the magazine Männer; in 2017, the award was named the Harvey in honour of Harvey Milk.


    Teddy Award Teddy Award The official queer award at the Berlin International

  • Best feature film: La ley del deseo (Law of Desire) – Pedro Almodóvar
  • Best short film: Five Ways to Kill Yourself and My New Friend – Gus Van Sant
  • 1988

    Teddy Award Teddy Award Berlinde

  • Best feature film: The Last of England – Derek Jarman
  • Best documentary: Rights and Reactions – Phil Zwickler
  • Best documentary: Die Wiese der Sachen (The Meadow of Things) – Heinz Emigholz
  • Best short film: Alfalfa – Richard Kwietniowski
  • Jury award: Tilda Swinton
  • Siegessäule (German magazine) reader award: The Last of England – Derek Jarman
  • 1989

    Teddy Award Teddy Award The official queer award at the Berlin International

  • Best film: Fun Down There – Roger Stigliano, Looking for Langston – Isaac Julien
  • Best documentary: Tiny and Ruby: Hell Divin' Women – Greta Schiller and Andrea Weiss, Urinal – John Greyson
  • 1990

  • Best feature film: Coming Out – Heiner Carow
  • Best documentary: Tongues Untied – Marlon T. Riggs
  • Best short film: Trojans – Constantine Giannaris
  • Jury award: Silence = Death – Rosa von Praunheim
  • 1991

  • Best feature film: Poison – Todd Haynes
  • Best documentary: Paris Is Burning – Jennie Livingston
  • Best short film: Relax – Chris Newby
  • Jury award: The Making of Monsters – John Greyson
  • Special award: Forbidden Love (Zapovězená láska) – Vladislav Kvasnička
  • 1992

  • Best feature film: Together Alone – P. J. Castellaneta
  • Best documentary: Voices from the Front – Testing The Limits video collective: Jean Carlomusto, Gregg Bordowitz, Hilary Joy Kipnis, David Meieran, Robyn Hut and Sandra Elgear
  • Best short film: Caught Looking – Constantin Giannaris
  • Jury award: Edward II – Derek Jarman
  • Guests award: Swoon – Tom Kalin
  • 1993

  • Best feature film: Wittgenstein – Derek Jarman
  • Best documentary: Silverlake Life – Tom Joslin and Peter Friedman
  • Best short film: P(l)ain Truth – Ilppo Pohjola
  • Guests award: Sex is... – Marc Huestis
  • 1994

  • Best feature film: Go Fish – Rose Troche
  • Best documentary: Coming Out Under Fire – Arthur Dong
  • Best short film: Carmelita Tropicana – Ela Troyano
  • Jury award: Remembrance of Things Fast: True Stories Visual Lies – John Maybury
  • Siegessäule reader award: Heavy Blow – Hoang A. Duong
  • Guests award: Fresa y chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate) – Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio
  • 1995

  • Best feature film: The Last Supper – Cynthia Roberts
  • Best documentary: Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter – Deborah Hoffmann
  • Best short film: Trevor – Peggy Rajski
  • Jury award: Dupe od mramora – Želimir Žilnik
  • Siegessäule reader award: Ballot Measure 9 – Heather McDonald
  • Guests award: Priest – Antonia Bird
  • 1996

  • Best feature film: The Watermelon Woman – Cheryl Dunye
  • Best documentary: The Celluloid Closet – Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
  • Best documentary: I'll Be Your Mirror – Nan Goldin and Edmund Coulthard
  • Best short film: Unbound – Claudia Morgado Escanilla
  • Best short film: Alkali, Iowa – Mark Christopher
  • Jury award: Jerry Tartaglia for the Konservierung of the films from Jack Smith
  • Siegessäule award: Paris Was a Woman – Greta Schiller
  • 1997

  • Best feature film: All Over Me – Alex Sichel
  • Best documentary: Murder and Murder – Yvonne Rainer
  • Best short film: Heroines of Love – Nathalie Percillier and Lily Besilly
  • Special award: Romy Haag
  • Siegessäule reader award: All Over Me – Alex Sichel
  • 1998

  • Best feature film: Hold You Tight – Stanley Kwan
  • Best documentary: The Brandon Teena Story – Susan Muska and Gréta Olafsdóttir
  • Best short film: Peppermills – Isabel Hegner
  • Jury award: The Man in Her Life – Carlos Siguion-Reyna
  • Special award: Richard O'Brien
  • Siegessäule reader award: The Brandon Teena Story – Susan Muska and Gréta Olafsdóttir
  • Special Mention: Un©ut – John Greyson
  • 1999

  • Best feature film: Show Me Love – Lukas Moodysson
  • Best documentary: The Man Who Drove With Mandela – Greta Schiller
  • Best short film: Liu Awaiting Spring – Andrew Soo
  • Jury award: to all German gay-lesbian Berlinale films 1999
  • Siegessäule reader award: Trick – Jim Fall
  • 2000

  • Best feature film: Water Drops on Burning Rocks – François Ozon
  • Best documentary: Paragraph 175 – Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
  • Best short film: Hartes Brot – Nathalie Percillier
  • Jury award: Drôle de Félix – Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau
  • Jury award: Chrissy – Jacqui North
  • Siegessäule reader award: Drôle de Félix – Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau
  • 2001

  • Best feature film: Hedwig and the Angry Inch – John Cameron Mitchell
  • Best documentary: Trembling Before G-d – Sandi Simcha DuBowski
  • Best short film: Erè Mèla Mèla – Daniel Wiroth
  • Jury award: Forbidden Fruit – Sue Maluwa-Bruce and Beate Kunath
  • Special award: Moritz de Hadeln
  • Siegessäule reader award: The Iron Ladies – Yongjoot Thongkontoon
  • 2002

  • Best feature film: Walking on Water – Tony Ayres
  • Best documentary: Alt om min far – Even Benestad
  • Best short film: Celebration – Daniel Stedman
  • Jury award: Just a Woman – Mitra Farahani
  • Siegessäule reader award: Walking On Water – Tony Ayres
  • 2003

  • Best feature film: A Thousand Clouds of Peace – Julián Hernández
  • Best documentary: Talk Straight: The World of Rural Queers – Jochen Hick
  • Best short film: Precious Moments – Lars Krutzkoff and Jan Dalchow
  • Special award: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
  • Siegessäule reader award: The Event – Thom Fitzgerald
  • 2004

  • Best feature film: Wild Side – Sébastien Lifshitz
  • Best documentary: The Nomi Song – Andrew Horn
  • Best short film: ¿Con qué la lavaré? – Maria Trénor
  • Special award: Edition Salzgeber
  • Siegessäule reader award: D.E.B.S. – Angela Robinson
  • 2005

  • Best feature film: A Year Without Love – Anahí Berneri
  • Best documentary: Katzenball – Veronika Minder
  • Best short film: The Intervention – Jay Duplass
  • Siegessäule reader award: Transamerica – Duncan Tucker
  • 2006

  • Best feature film: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros – Auraeus Solito
  • Best documentary: Beyond Hatred – Olivier Meyrou
  • Best short film: El día que morí – Maryam Keshavarz
  • Jury award: Combat – Patrick Carpentier
  • Siegessäule reader award: Paper Dolls – Tomer Heymann
  • 2007

  • Best feature film: Spider Lilies – Zero Chou
  • Best documentary: A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol factory – Esther B. Robinson
  • Special award: Helmut Berger for his whole lifework
  • Siegessäule reader award: The Bubble – Eytan Fox
  • Guest award: Notes on a Scandal – Richard Eyre
  • Special award: La León – Santiago Otheguy
  • 2008

  • Best feature film: The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela – Olaf de Fleur
  • Best documentary: Football Under Cover – David Assman and Ayat Najafi
  • Best short film: Ta – Felipe Sholl
  • Jury award: Be Like Others – Tanaz Eshaghian
  • Siegessäule reader award: Be Like Others – Tanaz Eshaghian
  • Special Award: Keith Collins, Simon Fisher Turner, Isaac Julien, James Mackay and Tilda Swinton, who as a family as combatants and allies of British filmmaker Derek Jarman have looked after his heritage.
  • 2009

  • Best feature film: Raging Sun, Raging Sky (Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo) – Julián Hernández
  • Best documentary: Fig Trees – John Greyson
  • Best short film: A Horse Is Not a Metaphor – Barbara Hammer
  • Siegessäule reader award: City of Borders – Yun Suh
  • Special award: Joe Dallesandro, John Hurt
  • 2010

  • Best feature film: The Kids Are All Right – Lisa Cholodenko
  • Best documentary: The Mouth of the Wolf – Pietro Marcello
  • Best short film: The Feast of Stephen – James Franco
  • Siegessäule reader award: Postcard to Daddy – Michael Stock
  • Jury award: Open – Jake Yuzna
  • Special award: Werner Schroeter
  • 2011

  • Best feature film: Ausente – Marco Berger
  • Best documentary: The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jay – Marie Losier
  • Best short film: Generations – Barbara Hammer and Gina Carducci; and Maya Deren's Sink – Barbara Hammer
  • Jury award: Tomboy – Celine Sciamma
  • Special award: Pieter-Dirk Uys and Evita Bezuidenhout
  • 2012

  • Best feature film: Keep the Lights On – Ira Sachs
  • Best documentary: Call Me Kuchu – Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright
  • Best short film: Loxoro – Claudia Llosa
  • Jury award: Jaurès – Vincent Dieutre
  • Siegessäule reader award: Parada – Srđan Dragojević
  • Special award: Ulrike Ottinger and Mario Montez
  • 2013

  • Best feature film: In the Name of (W imię...) – Małgorzata Szumowska
  • Best documentary: Bambi – Sébastien Lifshitz
  • Best short film: Undress Me (Ta av mig) – Victor Lindgren
  • Jury award: Concussion – Stacie Passon
  • Siegessäule reader award: In the Name of (W imię...) – Małgorzata Szumowska
  • Special award: STEPS for the Future
  • 2014

  • Best feature film: The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho) – Daniel Ribeiro
  • Best documentary: The Circle (Der Kreis) – Stefan Haupt
  • Best short film: Mondial 2010 – Roy Dib
  • Jury award: Pierrot Lunaire – Bruce LaBruce
  • Special award: Rosa von Praunheim
  • 2015

  • Best feature film: Nasty Baby – Sebastián Silva
  • Best documentary: El hombre nuevo – Aldo Garay
  • Best short film: San Cristobal – Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo
  • Jury award: Stories of Our Lives – Jim Chuchu
  • Special award: Udo Kier
  • 2016

  • Best feature film: Tomcat (Kater) – Händl Klaus
  • Best documentary: Kiki – Sara Jordenö
  • Best short film: Moms on Fire – Joanna Rytel
  • Jury award: You'll Never Be Alone – Álex Anwandter
  • Special award: Christine Vachon
  • Männer reader jury award: Don't Call Me Son (Mãe só há uma) - Anna Muylaert
  • Audience award: Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo (Théo et Hugo dans le même bateau) - Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau
  • 2017

  • Best Feature Film: A Fantastic Woman – Sebastián Lelio
  • Best Documentary/Essay Film: Small Talk – Hui-chen Huang
  • Best Short Film: My Gay Sister – Lia Hietala
  • Jury Award: Close-Knit – Naoko Ogigami
  • Special award: Monika Treut
  • Männer reader jury award: God's Own Country - Francis Lee
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