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Name  Ted Malloch

Education  University of Toronto
Ted Malloch The media gets Trump wrong almost constantly Ted Malloch BBC

Books  Issues in international trade and development policy, Beyond Reductionism: Ideology and the Science of Politics

Prof ted malloch at the integrity in business conference in t bingen

Theodore Roosevelt "Ted" Malloch (born September 22, 1952) is an American author, consultant, and television producer. He was a professor at the Henley Business School of the University of Reading, England. Malloch is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the family firm Global Fiduciary Governance and served as Chairman and CEO of The Roosevelt Group. He is author of several books including Doing Virtuous Business.


Ted Malloch Donald Trumps likely EU ambassador Ted Malloch wants to tame the

In February 2017 Malloch was reported to be a candidate for ambassadorship to the EU. This prompted unusually strong disapproval from EU politicians. That same month, the Financial Times reported that he had made a number of false statements in his autobiography, and in a second article corrected further inaccuracies made by Malloch in a Breitbart article.

Ted Malloch Ted Malloch Greece would be better off outside the eurozone

spiritual capital and virtuous business leadership with ted malloch

Early life and education

Ted Malloch CEO and Professor Ted Malloch is Donald Trumps man in Brussels

Malloch was born at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 22, 1952, and grew up in Rittenhouse Square, Olney and Main Line.

Ted Malloch Brexiteer Ted Malloch tipped to become Donald Trumps ambassador to

Malloch earned his Ph.D. in International Political Economy from the University of Toronto in 1980. He previously earned an M.Litt. Degree from the University of Aberdeen and a BA from Gordon College.


Malloch was a Professor of Strategic Leadership and Governance at Henley Business School, University of Reading.

He was a Senior Fellow of the Aspen Institute and President of the CNN World Economic Development Congress.

Malloch served in the United Nations as Deputy to the Executive Secretary UNECE in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1988 to 1992.

Malloch served on the executive board of the World Economic Forum and consulted at Wharton-Chase Econometrics. He worked at Salomon Brothers bank and in senior policy positions at the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and in the U.S. State Department.

Malloch was co-director of the Academy of Business in Society Practical Wisdom program, on spiritual traditions and management.

He was a research professor for the Spiritual Capital Initiative at Yale University and also worked in management practice at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Malloch has served on the University of Toronto International Governing Council, a Pew Charitable Trust board, the Templeton Foundation; and as an adviser to The Hudson Institute, American Foreign Policy Council, Institute of Economic Analysis, and the Social Affairs Unit and the Institute of Economic Affairs.

On 16 November 2016 Malloch was interviewed by Evan Davis on the BBC Newsnight program in connection with the reported likelihood of his being appointed by then US President-Elect Donald Trump to an unspecified role. Malloch stated that he had been extensively consulted by Trump throughout the Presidential election campaign. Bloomberg reported that this position could be the US Ambassador to the European Union, which caused strong reactions in the European Parliament. Malloch first met Trump in the 1980s in Palm Beach, Florida.

On 30 November 2016, Malloch was part of a live panel discussion titled "Trump: An American Tragedy?", part of the British series Intelligence Squared that aims to provoke debate and intelligent discussion. At the video-recorded event, Ted Malloch became irked by another panelist's assertion that then President-Elect "Donald Trump lies on Twitter every day." Surprisingly Malloch took the position that former President Barack Obama had lied every day on Twitter. Other panelists and the large audience were aghast at Malloch's statement: "I said we've had a president who's lied every day on Twitter for eight years." Excerpts from the programme reveal Malloch's discernment between truth and falsity. The moderator Jonathan Freedland restated Malloch's position, asking for clarification, "You think Obama's lied every day?" Malloch's answer caused gasps, "Absolutely. I know he's a great favourite in London. [...] He came over here and tried to get people to vote against Brexit." Freedland's position, also repeated by other panelists, was "That's not a lie. I mean, urging people to vote on Brexit one way may be unwise, but it wasn't untrue." Malloch sarcastically asked, "It wasn't untrue?" Shocked yet trying to explain further, Freedland said "He offered an opinion. I don't know how that could be untrue." Recognizing the nonsensical position taken by Malloch, another panelist urged the moderator to "just move on [from this fruitless argument]." Ted Malloch publicly stated his extreme anti-Obama position, and potentially libelous claim during this recorded session.

In early February 2017, media reported that Malloch was a leading candidate for ambassadorship to the EU, which prompted unusually strong disapproval from EU politicians. Asked why he wanted to become ambassador to the EU in an interview the month before, Malloch told BBC News: "I had in a previous career a diplomatic post where I helped bring down the Soviet Union. So maybe there's another union that needs a little taming." Malloch was a vocal supporter of UK withdrawal from the EU and has expressed his view that the euro would collapse. On Bloomberg TV Malloch stated that he hoped all EU members would hold referendums on whether to leave the bloc. In an interview with Greek television, Malloch expressed his view that Greece will soon need to leave the euro and asked about the future of the euro in the next decade, remarked that his "sense is that the euro is in a real problem zone, there would be parity with the dollar and there could potentially—given political situations around Europe—even be a euro collapse."

Controversy and Allegations

In February 2017, the Financial Times reported that Ted Malloch embellished or falsified seven claims in his memoir Davos, Aspen & Yale: My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa. The alleged false claims include his documentary being Emmy-nominated, that he had written for the New York Times and Washington Post, that he held a professorship at Oxford University, and that he had completed his "doctoral programme" in less than three years. In the book, Malloch claimed that he was "knighted in the Sovereign Order of St John by the Queen, Elizabeth II herself". The Financial Times claimed he was actually awarded a medal of St. John which is not awarded in an investiture attended by the Queen, while Malloch later responded that he was inducted into the Sovereign Order of St John and has "a letter stating ... the award comes through The Queen". Malloch had also claimed that The Lord Lyon of Scotland awarded him as a Laird his coat of arms in 2006; however, the Financial Times quoted the Clerk of the Court of the Lord Lyon, as saying "Lord Lyon does not, nor could he, create a person a laird". Later in the month, Breitbart published an article written by Malloch in which he refuted the allegations by the Financial Times, labeling it "the EU’s house journal". The Financial Times also obtained bankruptcy court records revealing that a US court had found that Malloch had overstated his assets on loan applications with the intent to deceive the banks into making multi-million dollar loans; the couple had claimed assets of £36.3 million when applying for the loans, but claimed thay had just $152,000 at the time of their 2013 bankruptcy petition and were unable to repay $5.9 million in outstanding debt.

Published works

  • Beyond Reductionism: Ideology and the Science of Politics (1982, Irvington Publishers; ISBN 9780829013221)
  • Where Are We Now?: The State of Christian Political Reflection (1983, University Press of America; ISBN 9780819117403)
  • Issues in International Trade and Development Policy (1987, Praeger; ISBN 978-0275923563)
  • Unleashing the Power of Perpetual Learning, with Donald Norris (1997, Society for College and University Planning; ISBN 9780960160877)
  • Renewing American Culture: The Pursuit of Happiness (Conflicts and Trends in Business Ethics), with Scott Massey (2006, M & M Scrivener Press; ISBN 978-0976404118)
  • Being Generous (2009, Templeton Press; ISBN 978-1599473161)
  • Spiritual Enterprise: Doing Virtuous Business. (2008, Encounter Books; ISBN 978-1594032226)
  • Thrift: Rebirth of a Forgotten Virtue (2009, Encounter Books; ISBN 978-1594032608)
  • Doing Virtuous Business: The Remarkable Success of Spiritual Enterprise (2011, Thomas Nelson; ISBN 9780849947179
  • America’s Spiritual Capital, with Nicholas Capaldi (2012, St. Augustine's Press; ISBN 9781587310379)
  • The End of Ethics and a Way Back: How to Fix a Fundamentally Broken Global Financial System, with Jordan Mamorsky (2013, Wiley; ISBN 9781118550175)
  • Practical Wisdom in Management: Business Across Spiritual Traditions (2015, Greenleaf / Academy of Business in Society; ISBN 9781783531318)
  • Davos, Aspen & Yale: My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa (2016, WND Books; ISBN 9781944229054)
  • Hired: An Insider's Look at Trump's Victory (2017, WND Books; ISBN 9781942475477)
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