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Name  Ted Fauster

Ted Fauster is an award-winning American science fantasy adventure writer living in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of several short stories, including "Cullen McGregor's Last Hunt," a winner in the 2009 ConDFW Short Story Contest. He has also self-published several books which feature a sword and sorcery theme and are largely influenced by tabletop role playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons.


Writing style

Ted Fauster writes both science fantasy, which is a hybrid of fantasy fiction and science fiction, and sword and sorcery style fantasy fiction that is strongly influenced by the tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons. His books are big and bold, and very quest-oriented.

At the heart of every Ted Fauster book lies adventure, camaraderie, and a good quest. The struggle for survival is always a key element. Ted’s characters often form tight brotherhoods of warriors and adventurers who work together to overcome all odds. Along the way, there is technology to overcome, mysteries to be solved, monsters to battle and dungeons to be cleared.

While he remains true to his Jack Chalker/Tad Williams and Fritz Leiber/Robert E. Howard roots, Ted is also inspired by the contemporary genre masters including R. A. Salvatore, Jay Lake, Terry Brooks, Neil Gaiman, and many more.

"If it slices, hacks, blasts, battles, bleeps, zooms, or fizzles, it’s probably somewhere in one of my books."


  • Deomans of Faerel: Book One, World of Faerel
  • Hellion King of Faerel: Book Two, World of Faerel
  • Supernatural Survival Guide, Appalachian Region
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