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Ted Capwell

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Father  C.C. Capwell
Mother  Sophia Wayne Capwell
Sister  Kelly Capwell
Significant other  Laken Lockridge
Ted Capwell httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen448Ted
First appearance  Episode 1 July 30, 1984
Last appearance  Episode 2137 January 15, 1993
Created by  Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Occupation  Waiter at the Orient Expres Disc jockey at KUSB FM radio station Stablehand at the Abernathy Stables Owner of a winery Part-owner of The Lair Seismologist
Sisters  Eden Capwell Kelly Capwell
Portrayed by  Todd McKee (1984–1988), Michael Brainard (1991–1993)
Creators  Bridget and Jerome Dobson, Jerome Dobson
Similar  CC Capwell, Laken Lockridge, Warren Lockridge, Lionel Lockridge, Kelly Capwell

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Theodore Charles "Ted" Wakefield Capwell is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. He was first portrayed by American actor Todd McKee from July 30, 1984 to July 26, 1989. Actor Michael Brainard took over the role two years later, and played it from October 8, 1991 to the series cancellation on January 15, 1993.


Mason and cruz defend ted capwell

Character history

Ted Capwell, the youngest child of wealthy C.C. Capwell and his second wife, Sophia Wayne Capwell, was a part of the show's first teen-centered storyline. He was friends with Danny Andrade, Laken Lockridge and Jade Perkins. In a Romeo and Juliet-type storyline, Laken and Ted fell in love with each other, but because they were the children of longtime rivals and enemies C.C. Capwell and Lionel Lockridge, their love was somewhat forbidden. Ted got the shock of his life when his mother Sophia, who had long been thought to be dead, turned up alive and well and back in Santa Barbara. Ted was one of the first members of the Capwell family to forgive Sophia and welcome her home.

After Laken left town in 1985, Ted met Christy DuVall, a beautiful young woman whose sister Mary was a former nun tending to C.C. as he recovered from a stroke. Christy had been raped by her stepbrother Steve, who convinced her to accuse Ted of the rape. Ted's older brother Mason defended him. Christy later murdered Steve and asked Ted to cover for her, but their love was doomed.

Ted then met Hayley Benson, the niece of Gina DeMott, C.C.'s third wife. Ted got her a job at the Capwell mansion. Hayley, as part of a team that was protesting against the opening of a new casino, accidentally killed Amy Perkins Wallace. To protect Hayley, Ted married her. Their marriage was over when Hayley was raped by another man and couldn't face Ted any more. Ted spent the next few months switching jobs and dating various women. Hayley saved Ted's life when a drunken driver nearly ran him over, but the car hit her instead and she died shortly thereafter.

When Ted learned that Mason had disappeared, he left town to search for his brother. Two years after his departure, Ted returned to Santa Barbara a changed man, ready to face new challenges. He briefly dated Katrina Ruyker, but then moved on to Angela Raymond, a woman who had been dating Warren Lockridge, the brother of Ted's first love, Laken. Angela then took an interest in Rafe Castillo. Ted conspired with Lily Blake (who wanted Rafe for herself) to try to break up Angela and Rafe. Ted and Lily eventually fell in love, gave up on their plotting, and got married.


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