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Ted A Bohus

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Name  Ted Bohus

Role  Film director
Ted A. Bohus Ted A Bohus

Occupation  Film Director, Producer, Actor
Movies  The Regenerated Man, Destination Fame, Hell On Earth
Similar  Paul DeAngelo, John Bianco, Peter Stickles

the indie lounge ep 5 with mandy del rio film reviewer todd staruch and guest ted a bohus

Ted A. Bohus is an American film director, producer, actor and writer. He is best known for his work in low-budget independent films, most often in the horror genre.


His first film work was with the 1980s horror title Fiend where he acted as producer. He then produced two more horror movies, Nightbeast and Return of the Aliens:The Deadly Spawn, before he made his directorial debut with Regenerated Man in 1994. Ted also either produced, directed or wrote, Vampire Vixens From Venus, Fantastic Filmshow I & II, Generation X, This Thing of Ours and Destination Fame.

Bohus is also the editor and publisher of SPFX Magazine, a journal devoted to classic special-effects movies in the horror, science-fiction and fantasy genres. The fanzine had been started by El Paso effects fan Jay Duncan and Bohus in the 1970s; Bohus resurrected the title 20 years later and continues publishing it on an irregular basis. He also works on other magazines including, Monster Bash, Horror Biz, Monster Mania, Monsterpalooza, and others.

On February 7, 2012, Bohus released the first ever Blu-ray disc of The Deadly Spawn. After further review, it was revealed to be a re-encode of the previous Synapse Films standard definition DVD master (review link located below). There was a recall, and new discs were issued in late August 2012. There were also issues in regards to why Ted Bohus did not return to Synapse and the owner Don May Jr. to release the Blu-ray edition (all posts below come from

Ted Bohus wrote:

"Hi. I'm the producer/owner of The Deadly Spawn. I moved the rights to Elite because Synapse was not interested in releasing it as a Blu-Ray. Don is a friend and we had a good run with it on DVD. I found a bunch more cool supp items and included them in this version. The quality is what's there. We shot on about 2 dozen different 16mm film stocks, not all top quality. Even with the modern technology it's hard to remove grain and scratches...unless you want to spend a small fortune. lol...eventually someone will make a $50 million dollar remake!"

Don May Jr responded:

"What Ted's saying isn't exactly accurate. We absolutely wanted to do a Blu-ray of The Deadly Spawn, but our license had expired and Ted gave the title to Elite, totally unbeknownst to us. Then, after we spoke to Ted about it, he said he didn't think we would be interested in doing a Blu and that's why he gave it to Elite."

On 2-28-2012, Ted Bohus posted this entry:

"Announcement #1 We are testing right now with a transfer directly from the negative. We should have test disks within a week or so. Don't ask anything else yet as I'll post when I have more info." A still from the processing of the original 16mm film was released (a comparison can be seen here:

On 6-13-2012, Ted Bohus posted this entry:

"Waiting for one more Check Disc. I just wanted one more thing changed. We used a few different sources and think we have the best version yet. I compared this new one with 3 other transfers including the Synapse and think it looks the best with the most detail. New Intro. Bigger file. No DNR. Yes, there is some grain, but nice detail. Hopefully will be out in a few weeks. -- I'll post when there is a date. -- "

Unfortunately, the second edition of the Blu-ray release was also revealed to be another encode of the Synapse DVD, minus the digital processing the prior release contained (see review link below).

Bohus wrote a final post on in response:

"Well, this will be my last post here. Too many jerks like Fanboyz that need to Get A Life! The people that really know me know the kind of person I am. A..H....'s like Fanboyz, etc, I don't pay attention to because they are pathetic, hiding behind a website. Come see me at a convention and talk that way. Loser!

Anyway, after over 8 months of tests using the original negative, 16mm prints and other sources, we found by screening the different tests side by side, there was very little difference between the best and what we had minus the DNR. Sure, if we had $50,000 to do a total restore...Some of the high quality tests actually made certain scenes look worse. When all was said and done, we screened the 3 best versions on 15 foot screens and the one we have now was good. Better than the DVD. Not as good as some of the absolute best (and in perfect focus) scenes transferred from the original negative. This is the best we could do right now without spending a crazy amount of money. The films are doing fine and I'm still working on a sequel and the comic book. (3 books...prequel, DS and sequel) Also talking about a bigger budget version of the original Deadly Spawn. That's the whole story. No matter what, you can't make everyone happy. So good luck with your own films. Signing off. Good bye.---t"


As producer

  • 1. Fiend (1980)
  • 2. Nightbeast (1982)
  • 3. Return of the Aliens:The Deadly Spawn (1983)
  • 4. Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor'(1990)
  • 5. Regenerated Man (1994)
  • 6. This Thing of Ours (2003)
  • 7. Destination Fame (2004)
  • As director

  • 1. Regenerated Man (1994)
  • 2. Vampire Vixens from Venus (1995)
  • 3. Destination Fame (2004)
  • 4. This Thing Of Ours (2003)
  • 5. Hell on Earth (2008)
  • As actor

  • 1. Return of the Aliens:The Deadly Spawn (1993) ... Medic #1
  • 2. The Amityville Curse (V) (1990) ... Ghoul
  • 3. Regenerated Man (1994) ... Thug
  • 4. Vampire Vixens From Venus (1995) ... Man in Jeep
  • 5. This Thing of Ours (2003) ... Teddy Alexander
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