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Teachers (2006 U.S. TV series)

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7.9/10 TV

Composer(s)  Rick Cowling
Original language(s)  English
Final episode date  2 May 2006
Program creator  Matt Tarses
7/10 IMDb

Created by  Matt Tarses
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons  1
Director  Gail Mancuso
Network  NBC
Teachers (TV Series 2006-2006) — The Movie Database (TMDb)
Starring  Justin Bartha, Sarah Alexander, Phil Hendrie, Deon Richmond, Kali Rocha, Sarah Shahi, Matt Winston
Cast  Justin Bartha, Sarah Shahi, Phil Hendrie, Kali Rocha, Sarah Alexander
Similar  City Guys, Our Miss Brooks, Bad Judge

Teachers is an American television sitcom that aired on NBC. The show ran for six episodes until its cancellation on May 2, 2006. Loosely based upon a UK series of the same name, it was developed by Matt Tarses, co-executive producer of the medical comedy Scrubs.



Set in New Jersey, Teachers stars Justin Bartha as Jeff Cahill, a skilled, irreverent young English teacher at the fictitious Filmore High School, whose apparent apathy toward his job masks his actual wisdom concerning teaching at an underfunded school. Sarah Alexander co-stars as idealistic British history teacher Alice Fletcher, his only kindred spirit on the faculty, for whom Jeff also has romantic feelings. Alice does not reciprocate these feelings, but she is becoming fonder of him. Radio personality Phil Hendrie plays Dick Green, an apathetic phys-ed and physics teacher, who spends his afternoons behind the gym. Deon Richmond plays Calvin Babbitt, the drama teacher whose attitude about teaching falls somewhere between Jeff's and Alice's. He often gets caught up in Jeff's schemes. Kali Rocha stars as the uncaring, rule-abiding Principal Emma Wiggins. Matt Winston stars as Mitch Lenk, a math teacher and lap dog to Principal Wiggins. It is implied that he is romantically interested in her. Sarah Shahi stars as Tina Torres, an attractive teacher from Mexico. She is Alice's possible rival for Jeff's affections, though it seems Jeff prefers Alice. It is revealed in Episode 05 ("Testing 1-2-3") that she does not have her teaching license, having gone to school, but taking jobs before she took her finals. However, she stated later in the episode that she will be taking them.


Like many American sitcoms, Teachers was shot before a studio audience.

The series began development under the title Filmore Middle, which reflected its original middle school setting.

Though adapted for American television by Matt Tarses, a writer and producer of the critically lauded series Sports Night and Scrubs, Teachers was panned by many critics (including the San Francisco Chronicle's Tim Goodman) as unoriginal and clichéd. The show was quickly canceled by NBC, the news coming on May 15.


  • Justin Bartha as Jeff Cahill
  • Sarah Alexander as Alice Fletcher
  • Phil Hendrie as Dick Green
  • Deon Richmond as Calvin Babbitt
  • Kali Rocha as Emma Wiggins
  • Sarah Shahi as Tina Torres
  • Matt Winston as Mitch Lenk
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