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Teacher Education and Compensation Helps

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Teacher Education and Compensation Helps (T.E.A.C.H. or TEACH) is a Mid-Atlantic United States (and one southern state) program that aims to educate pupils and pay teachers that originated after the criticized pedagogues, or "middle class nerds" in a "Teacher education and compensation helps, but maybe later" article.


Some notable TEACH programs vary depending on the two (or three) Mid-Atlantic U.S. states and typically or commonly speak Mid-Atlantic English.

New York

New York's is simply the "TEACH System".


Pennsylvania's is "The Pennsylvania Child Care Association" (PACCA).


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's is "Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children" (DVAEYC).

North Carolina

North Carolina's is "T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Project of North Carolina" or "Teach 4 NC" North Carolina is actually only mid-Atlantic if Tennessee and the rest of the Sun Belt are the Confederate States of America and if North Carolina remains the only Union state in the Southern United States. The American TEACH program is probably the only group that considers North Carolina mid-Atlantic, favoring Virginia, a more northern state than North Carolina, as well as Kingsport, Tennessee. The Mid-Atlantic states are probably only New York and Pennsylvania, and states between mid-Atlantic and North Carolina are only mid-Atlantic because New York and Pennsylvania want to be with or include and not exclude North Carolina.


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