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Language  Telugu
Director  LME Team
Country  India
Taskara movie scenes Taskara Movie Theatrical Trailer Sampath Raj Kireeti Damaraju 2015

Taskara telugu movie trailer kireeti sampath raju sri balaji video

Taskara is a 2016 Telugu, neo-noir cyber heist Geo political thriller film written by Kirti Rambhatla. The film is directed by a team at LME, music by Rohit Kumar, and produced by Libra Media & Entertainment Motion Pictures.


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The teaser of the film was released on the eve of the Indian festival Diwali 22 October 2014 and the trailer came out on 15 January 2015. The trailer shows a mysterious man talking about how easy it is to loot as a bank rather than stepping inside one and looting it. The film had its premiere on December 19, 2015 in Hyderabad and theatrical release on January 8, 2016.

Taskara Taskara Telugu Movie Trailer Kiriti Chandra Sekhar 2016 Movie


Taskara Taskara Movie Motion Poster Kireeti Sampath Raju YouTube

In 2062 London of 2062, a Financial Times journalist is researching currencies. He finds a clue about an anonymous professor of Economics and leaves to meet him in India. The journalist is looking for reasons and asks the professor three questions: why World Bank and IMF no longer exist, why and how did the paper money come to an end and the world adopted cryptocurrency and what is Counter Economic Hitmen Agency. The professor explains to the journalist.

Taskara Taskara Telugu Movie 2015 Latest Posters Kireeti Sampath Raju

A first narrator shows a video of Bretton Woods conference and explains how the present world financial system operates. A second narrator tells of a mysterious hacker. The Deputy Governor of Republican Bank of India discusses on an anonymous phone call about convincing the government. RAW agent Feroze and CBI Officer Mr. Ramayya meet Dr. Narayanan to warn him of a potential hacking attempt. Dr. Narayanan pays no heed and starts discussing the advanced seven layer security protocol of his bank.

Taskara Taskara Latest Movie Motion Poster Kireeti YouTube

He is informed someone hacked into the RBI system and a huge amount stolen. Dr. Narayanan meets Feroze in Delhi and asks for a high level delegation of members from Financial Intelligence Unit of India. They discuss what could be the potential path of the hacker. An expert says this is a master hacker. He is shown a mysterious hacker video which they record at the Central Cyber Control Room. Feroze and Ramayya move to a recruitment agency and look for clues and go to Financial Software Systems to find out aboutArjun who used to work there . Upon investigation, he threatened a colleague and find a clue to money bank on his desk. Through that clue they meet the manager of money bank. Gireesham has been cheated and his finger prints taken.

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Dr Narayanan calls Feroze for the details of the hacker. They find the location of the hacker's garage, but the hacker, an ex IMF economist Dr. Arjun Kumar, has moved to an unknown airport. Kumar posts the Lehman Brothers crash is shown delivering to people the negative effects of the present day financial system and how Quantitative Easing a method followed by Central Banks is a bad economic tool. He is also of this opinion that IMF should be more proactive in helping poor nations . Arjun has a discussion with his boss and leaves the work place to meet his girlfriend. The next morning an unknown man tries to kill Dr. Ajun and accidentally kills his girlfriend. He escapes, his parents are taken into police custody and he has been branded a murderer and a cheat. A news segment which shows Dr Narayanan giving an interview about the situation.

Dr Narayanan met his boss Christina at IMF . He finds out the Economic Hitmen tried to engage him to convince RBI to introduce a hefty amount into the Indian economy through Quantitative Easing and upon his reluctance, Dr. Narayanan has been roped in to carry it out. Understanding the implications of an additional 10 trillion rupees injection into the Indian economy, Arjun hacks into the RBI portal to divert that money through a systeminto the stock exchanges around this world to invest in private companies helping third world companies. He meets his ex IMF director in Brazil who then tells him she is sorry for the trouble and loss Arjun faced because of her. She mentions how she repents what she did under the pressure of Economic Hit-men at IMF and she quit for another role at a Brazilian bank. Christina offers him a job at an agency she is about to begin. Arjun finds out it is about countering the Economic hitmen and their negative impacts of countries around the world.


The score was composed by Rohit Kumar.


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